Welcome to the Task Group Legacy simms!

Welcome to Task Group Legacy, home of the USS August NCC 93389-E, a Rhode Island refit vessel, and Outpost 42, a Starfleet outpost in the northern reaches of unexplored space, with an attached civilian colony.

The August is tasked with exploring new civilizations and finding resources for the great war that plagues the galaxy in the year 2409 and beyond.

The Outpost and Colony are tasked with gathering resources from the planet for Starfleet and the war effort, being a base of operations for the August and possible other future vessels, and supporting a civilian colony in the far reaches of known space.

Do you have what it takes to be out on the fringe of the known galaxy? Are you an officer that can help turn the tide of the war? Do you enjoy writing and roleplay?

If so, join us, and enter an exciting world of Star Trek, roleplay, and storytelling in the United Federation of Planets' simm game!

Latest News Items

» Simm Reboot Starting Soon

Posted on 06 Apr 2014 @ 6:40pm by Commodore Berel Joon in Sim Announcement


The simm reboot is going to start soon (hopefully this week). We just need a few people to register their users here on the old August site (new URL below) and then link their characters. Then we can all but get started!

New URL:

If you are missing awards for your character(s) and know the list, send me a PM. Otherwise I'll get them worked out in due course.

The backstory has been posted as well:


» Major Simm Changes/Reboot Coming

Posted on 28 Mar 2014 @ 3:22pm by Commodore Caymen Greener in Sim Announcement


Please tune into the forum thread below. Things be a changin' for both simms. Immediate action is required if you wish to continue simming.



» UFP Short Story Competition

Posted on 20 Jan 2014 @ 3:47pm by Commodore Caymen Greener in General News


I am leading a new Short Story Competition, like we used to do in UFP. So all of you great writers on the simms, get out your "pens" and get writing. You have two weeks, and all the details are here:


And the winner gets a nice publish in the UFP's new News outlet!


» New Simm home on the UFP forums!

Posted on 17 Jan 2014 @ 8:48pm by Commodore Caymen Greener in Website Update


We now have our new home setup on the UFP forums! Thanks to Jake and Jordan and others, we're all set to go. Most of it is CL1 now so just about anyone can get in and see what we're doing, which is a good thing. The simms are an open "tool" anyways.


So look for future discussions and announcements there!


» New ship!

Posted on 11 Nov 2013 @ 8:25pm by Commodore Caymen Greener in General News


As you can see from my last post (http://ufplanets.com/ufp/simm/august.php/sim/viewpost/14), the second "surprise" (first being that we get to visit Earth) is a new ship. I've been cooking this up for more than a month and I am glad to announce it officially.

I welcome discussion, so head over to the forums if you have points or questions: http://ufplanets.com/showthread.php?39005-Introducing-the-new-USS-August-NCC-93389-E

So the Stardate will advance a day as Caymen prepares to tell the crew of this change. And then after that we'll quickly jump through a week or two as we make transition and final prep to the new ship.

It will definitely be cozier, but I think it will be a lot of fun. And we'll pack a punch in battle for a small ship... especially if we can adapt that Romulan shockwave tech. :)

Ok, IC public announcement from my in a real life day or so and then you can PL your crying and such. I know I will. ;)


Latest Mission Posts

» The Story, Part 2

Mission: Special Events
Posted on 10 Apr 2014 @ 3:45pm by Commodore Berel Joon

The battle was won and the Klingons were defeated, at least in part. The wormhole had been diverted from their space to an area the Federation controlled, or rather was beginning to control. And most of those involved survived.

Most. An entire Miranda ship was lost in the battle, holding…

» The Story

Mission: Special Events
Posted on 06 Apr 2014 @ 6:27pm by Commodore Caymen Greener & Commodore Berel Joon

The storm had been brewing for ages, and the front had blown in from Sol and Qo'nos combined for the last year. Since the war broke out, plans were in motion to destroy one another, and since time immemorial, the Federation and the Klingons would seek to annihilate the other.…

» SAVED CONTENT: Ship-side

Mission: Wilderness
Posted on 04 Apr 2014 @ 1:18pm by Commodore Caymen Greener & Lieutenant Commander Craig McClintock & Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask

*** Posting to save, but not quite finished. Plus, this will be months old when we reboot. ***

=== August Bridge ===

Greener paced on the bridge as the shuttle made its way down to the surface. All was fine until it hit certain layers of the atmosphere - Lyle…

» SAVED CONTENT: Away team

Mission: Wilderness
Posted on 04 Apr 2014 @ 1:18pm by Commodore Caymen Greener & Captain Joshua Broughm Ph. D. & Lieutenant Commander Craig McClintock & Ensign Anna Dylan

*** Posting to save, but not quite finished. Plus, this will be months old when we reboot. ***

=== Memoriam-A Shuttle ===

The modified shuttle handled perfectly up until they entered the upper atmosphere. Lyle started to recorded the usual atmospheric forces but soon noted that because of a thinker…

» Arrival at J572004-A

Mission: Wilderness
Posted on 26 Feb 2014 @ 4:47am by Commodore Caymen Greener & Captain Joshua Broughm Ph. D. & Lieutenant Commander Craig McClintock & Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask & Lieutenant Senna Nogumo & Ensign Lyle Benolerao

=== August-E Bridge ===

Caymen paced the bridge as the August crept out of warp and into the J572004 system, heading for its first planet, their target. It was a class-M, supposedly rich with resources for the Federation war efforts. They came into range and he smiled as he had…

Latest Personal Logs

» blood sweat and the odd few tears

Posted on 20 Apr 2014 @ 1:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask

Jolan walked out of his shower the last grime of a day of double shifts washing down the drain of his water shower jolan was a strong man, and coming from NAVSOG he had kept current with his EVA Training and certs, much to his annoyance Engineering capitalized on that…

» A hell of a month

Posted on 20 Apr 2014 @ 6:46am by Lieutenant Commander Samuel Quinn

Samuel Quinn hit the record button, "Personal Log, stardate... Yet again I have no idea. I've been pulling double shifts, with all of the work onboard the August, and the Outpost. We've been running short of raw replicator matter, I've begun supplementing it by salvaging the debris from the wormhole.…

» Personal log supplemental

Posted on 15 Apr 2014 @ 2:47am by Commander Keash Foultish

I'm beginning to get antsy. I've never felt at ease for longer periods of time planet-side, that's no secret, but now the feeling is different than that.

With the ship gone on which i served as first officer, the USS Hermes, one of the Miranda's which had barely made it…

» Personal log re-boot

Posted on 12 Apr 2014 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan


It's been a while since my last entry in the log and while i could list a whole bunch of reasons that would really sound plausible the reality is that i've been too tired most of the days since the battle to do anything but crash on the bench…

» Wheels Up

Posted on 27 Mar 2014 @ 6:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Craig McClintock

The NAVSOG Commander bade his leave of the bridge, leaving Nogumo and Greener to their exploratory plans of the planet. He headed straight for the NAVSOG armory, having already directed Alpha Squad to gear up for the imminent away mission.

=== DECK 5 ===

Stepping briskly through the threshold he…