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Posted on 01 Aug 2014 @ 10:01pm by Commander Craig McClintock

Hello everyone,

As you might've just noticed, we have officially kick-started our new mission with our first Joint Post, simply titled "Gamma".

It centres around an unexpected yet deadly radiation leak on-board the August, and the following posts will chronicle the crew's attempts to repair and survive on the frontier of space with a hardly self-sustaining colony for support. Joint Posts will be created for you all to participate, but if you feel you want to contribute more or are being left out, I encourage you to get in touch with myself or Torinth.

In OOC news, I am awarding Jon Thomas (AKA Samuel Quinn) the OOC MVP for his excellent activity during our last 'breather' mission "New Beginnings", and in recognition of his continuing contributions to this one. These awards can also be nominated to your fellow players if you so choose, but obviously you have to deserve them first!

In the meantime, feel free to write a Personal Log detailing what your character is doing during, before or after "Gamma", and if you're new to our crew, there's no better time.

Let's go already!



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