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Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask

Name Jolan Kennith Trask

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 220lbs
Hair Color Black "Marine cut"
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Muscular,Athletic a Scar can be seen on his cheek from combat during the failed rescue of his fathers flagship the Akria-class USS Oakland.
confidant proud yet Easygoing and approachable if you looked closely however you can see he is always alert
he may serve with people younger then himself his experence and time has given him a mastary of all his combat arts he uses it along with his conditioned body is just one of his many weapons he is also as he discribes himself "smarter then your avarage devil dog"


Spouse Shala Trask vulcan human hybrid currently assigned to vulcan as a medical liasion for starfleet Medical- Reported KIA as of SD 52112.252
Children 4 year old baby girl named Rebecca Trask after his sisters/mothers middle name

Jason Trask: 23 year old son recently graduated from Marine bootcamp and flight school
Father Brig. Gen. Derrek Trask KIA as of 2399 aboard then flagship U.S.S. Oakland<33rd Marines fightercommand VMF-114 "red death"
Mother Jennifer Rebecca Trask Deceased as of 2 years ago
Brother(s) Mark Trask: SS New Hope commanding officer Retired from Starfleet in 2390 Freighter which is currently drydocked due to damage sustained by pirate raid
Sister(s) Sarah Trask: Baby Sister Explosive Decompression aboard the SS New Hope 6 months ago put her in rehab up till a week ago
Other Family Kurtis Sung Lyden via "Battle brotherhood" a bond unique to servicemen in which they take the phrase "no man left behind" to the upmost seriousness AKA "a bond as strong as blood forged in battle or other combat missions between members of the same unit/squad company ectra in which they see said brothers and sisters in-arms as ones of there own family even going so far as to care for the servicemen/womens surviving family in event they are unmarried or a single devorced parent

Personality & Traits

General Overview jolan Lives and Breaths Starfleet and the Starfleet Marines while his Father spurred him into it the past played a part as well mainly the horrors of the Breen attack on Earth in the 2370s war along with its subsequent war
described by his wife as "allways spring loaded" on alert he is also surprisingly likeable and funny

he describes him self as "somebody that although you may want to vaporize one minute and see as a brother the next you will always respect me for the person and Brother in arm i am"

Considers himself a bit of a cowboy
Strengths & Weaknesses Expert Marksman and Effective Leader and can handle being thrust into sudden situations with ease quick to think on the fly

Feild medical/combat Lifesaver Training via Marine Training (akin to a first responder /paramedic)

Extensive hand to hand skills and other soldiering skills-demolitions black ops ectra>

Decent yet under flown shuttle pilot,minor helm experence mostly self taught
Ex special forces which has made him somewhat cold yet he is still very approachable and keeps an "open door policy" with any department he runs
due to his training in starfleet Intelligence he has learned several dialects mainly focusing on Klingon and romulan/remen
a bad habit for as described by past command officers" not knowing when to remove the uniform" and in his youth some cases of striking a superior
sometimes tend to act a bit reckless as his heart and soul behind his service sometimes dictates his actions instead of his training it is very much under control as he is finally realizing he is not as young as he used to be

while it is not a weakness persay sometims he from being in a command postion before tends to try to over step his bounds and take charge mainly due to the majority of his Career him being in a squad or platoonand at one point company leadership role and later in charge of his own department withj starfleet intelligence
Ambitions "ill most likely die in this uniform"-Marine Captain Trask as a guest speaker on his sons Tactical class at the academy during his junior year.
he lives and breaths starfleet and the Federation when he was younger he often was rather reckless going above and beyond to carry out his orders
Hobbies & Interests sport shooting hiking swimming fighting tournaments historical holoprograms rangeing from the eugenics war up to the dominion war> archaic earth firearms <21st century up to the first phasers>

he also played football at the Academy a as a wide receiver

also enjoys fishing and skydiveing a MMA fighter >

skilled with bladed weapons too
shares a love of old earth "muscle cars" he passed tp his son

also enjoys horseback rideing


Service Record Entrence into Starfleet academy=2382 at age 16 (parental consent via his father allows him to enlist at 16 instead of 18
graduation 2386 age 20

2386late year: files for transfer to starfleet Marines transfers to Parris Island for basic Devorces first wife after he caught her cheating wins parental rights for his newlyborn son Jason

2386-87- Completes basic training early that year makes Lance Corporal

late2387-2391 assigned to USS Cambridge as a newly promoted corporal with her marine contingency later that year.awarded purple heart with clusters and a silver star for rescuing his fire team

-2392-promoted to Sergent as result made fire team leader of his squad

2394-promoted to gunnery Sergent served as DI on Luna for 6 months Meets Shala Trask

2394 late year- entered Marine officer training(Jupiter station) resigning as now head Drill Instructor on Luna trains 4 years

2398-Graduated Officer school,commissioned as a 2Lt Acting company executive officer, "bravo company" 33rd starfleet marines,3rd battalion

late2399- transfers back to the Cambridge now her regiment CO per captians request death of his father 6 month emotional leave and wound recovery earns christopher Pike Medal Of Valor for going above and beyond his call of duty for him and his squad manageing to save over 40 precent of the crew of the Oakland(akria Class "Thunderchild" refit NCC-90545) his father sadly is killed when a torpedo impacts her bridge Jolan also earns purple heart with clusters and spends 6 months in rehab on Luna for injurys sustained and an extra 6 months emotional leave

2401-02= special forces selection and training starts promoted to 1Lt also becomes certified combat lifesaver Marrys shala before leaveing for SF Training

2403-Accpcted into special forces spends year in training unit nicknamed "bulldogs"

2404- Transfers to active special forces unit (3/14 marines) goes on to earn second purple heart in pirate attack demoted to master Sergent for striking his CO

2404 6 months later- probationary demotion ends reinstated to 1lt via battlefield comission(death of superior in ambush) his Daughter Rebecca is born his son now 18 leaves for bootcamp 6 months later

2406-promoted to Marine captain aka Marcap resigns from special forces takeing job at fleet intelligence

2407- Death of mother emotional leave of 6 months demoted upon return for strikeing yet another superior to 1lt

2408-to present- re promoted to marcap resigns from starfleet intell. transfers to Memory alpha marine Garrison currently listed as"detached" awaiting a transfer to any starship willing to take him given his record
currrently in command of the 3rd marine expiditionary force 45th Starfleet Marines battallion 4th regiment company Bravo aka "the pitbulls" who garrison on Memory alpha

2409: assault on Memory alpha decimates his entire garrassion who were asleep on shore leave on base a handfull survive who transfer with him to the USS August Jolan himself asumes her Cheif Tactical Officer postion wanting to get away from Memory Alpha

2409-August tour: Awared Merit of Leadership for an away mission on the IRW Thrai,for leading a sucessful away team in the recapture of the vessel as well as a official Starfleet Comendation by Starfleet Admiral Jorel Quinn, for acts of valor and leadership in the Rescue and avertion of a catastrophe onboard the IRW Thrai, and a subsequent ground led rescue mission for a prior away team sent from the USS August Starfleet Marines formal Stand-Down/DEactivation/foldinginto fleet underway promotion cycle -pending upon new guidelines for active duty marines,presumed to remain at liutenant

2410.26-August Tour:Promoted to Lieutenant Commander(provisionally).