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Lieutenant JG Jason Trask

Name Jason Derrek Trask

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Muscular. Hair is kept to regulation length, normally wears short or rolled sleeved uniforms, clean complexion and clean shaven.

Has a Recon marines tattoo on his upper arm, a tribute to the ancestors of the corps he so proudly served in.


Spouse Kyra Santiago- engaged
Father LTcmdr. Jolan K. Trask CTO,USS August
Mother Vanessa Benning
Sister(s) Rebecca Trask-younger sister
Other Family Uncle: Mark Trask: Freighter captain SS New Hope

Aunt-Sarah Trask: Freighter XO-SS New Hope

Personality & Traits

General Overview Calm, easy going, approachable, funny. He has a great deal of respect for both fellow marines and starfleet personnel. Jason is a lot more casual then his father Jolan.

He also tends to be "just another young cocky pilot"- noted from his flight school instructor

Prides himself in the statement "I can fly anything."
Strengths & Weaknesses Competent and capable, cool under fire, knows when to be authoritative yet could also talk his way out of trouble.

If it can be called a weakness it's his maturity, while he is very mature, he also has moments when "he acts like he is still a young stupid teenager"-noted from his drill instructor in basic training.

Overconfidence could get him into trouble.

=======weapons qualifications===

Hand to hand: passed:85/100

Pistols/type 1&2 phasers:passed expert marksman42/42
Basic caribines/rifles: passed 40/42
Marksmanship: passed certified designated marksman
Advanced marksmanship: passed,sniper canadate on hold pending end of tour
heavy weapons: sholder fired weapons and demolitions training:passed basic qualifications for use

special forces canadacy: pending aproval from marine command on hold per personal request

Starfleet ASVAB[[Armed Services Vocational Aptitude battary test:85-93 precent scoreing rangerange
==========flight school===

Preigrin training fighter model peregrin flight superorty fighter model a: passed
Type 9/12 and 14 shuttlecrafts: passed high marks: 95/100

Delta flyer all varents: passed advanced pilot qualifiedAssault/landing ship: certified combat pilot qualifications in Combat search and rescue and stealth insertion

Perigrin model 23Z advanced space supeority fighter/strike fighter:95/100
Ambitions Wants to be the best he can be plans on doing 6-12 years in the military then going to university; the course is yet to be decided. However, he may very will stay in uniform for his entire life.

Wants to start a family with the love of his life Kyra and settle down.
Hobbies & Interests Mountain Climbing fishing old earth gun collection fishing football old earth automotives.

Various martial arts styles, most recent being a try at Klingon bat'leth combat.

Service Record 2404: bootcamp Parris island enters as a PFC due to ASVAB scores he is 18

2406: Transfers to Luna advanced training starts six months later

2406late-7:Advanced training starts is chosen to be a sniper candidate,he has his application on hold due to rank

2407late-2408: Advanced training ends he graduates in top 15 percent of his class elects to go to flight school he quickly catches on and under a new program is one of the few"6 month wonders" is assigned to 156th fighter squadron Earth orbital defense out of Fleet air/space station San Francisco promotion cycle to Lance Corporal later finds out he is NAVSOG elidgable canidate he elects to however stay flying.

2408-09: Transfers to the 3/14 marines brief stay on Jupiter station with her fighter squadrons before filing for and getting approved for Transfer to the newly minted 420th fighter squadron under Second Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan aboard the USS August Promotion pre-deployment to full Corporal.

2409: Promotion pending with transfer of 420th fighter squadron"shepherds" to Starbase 801 "Legacy" SFMC formal stand down and deactivation/folding into Naval security underway. promoted to ensign,with fighter wing reasignment to SB801 "Legacy.

2410: promoted to Lt-Jg. Made Shepards XO.

2310-11: Transfer with Shepards to Taskforce Legacy