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Commander Craig McClintock

Name Craig Allan McClintock

Position Executive Officer

Second Position NAVSOG Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 196lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Physically at his peak, McClintock's second home is the August's weight room, and the work he puts into his physique shows. He will allow no man, woman or species to outclass him, and is most likely the only source of his pride.
His daily fitness regime consists of cardio via cross-trainer and running, 50 abdominal crunches and pushing 50 reps of 200kg weights.

Underneath his starched uniform it tells a story a service record cannot tell, with scars and cuts suffered against countless opponents in distant battlefields (and not so distant). However his chiselled good looks have been maintained against all odds with unruly waves of blond hair and sea-blue eyes that can pierce a Runabout.


Father Frank McClintock
Mother Alice McClintock
Sister(s) Moira J. McClintock (b. 2383)
Lieutenant, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth.
Other Family John M. McClintock, uncle. (b. 2350, d. 2373)
Master Sergeant, U.S.S. Madison (destroyed with the loss of all hands at the Battle of Sector 001).

Donald "Sutherland" McClintock (b. 1995)
Major General, United States Army.
Notorious for almost bombing an American town of 2,500 souls to cover up a national conspiracy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance Craig "Clint" McClintock is viewed as just another meathead jarhead marine, however his progression in the Starfleet Marine Corps (now NAVSOG) tells a different story. Behind his blue eyes lies cunning and countless battle strategies honed through the study of military history and practical experience.

Extremely introverted for a marine, it is believed the experiences he went through plus his family history have hardened his personality to a diamond finish. Prone to physically and mentally close himself off when off-duty, all he knows is the Corps and his fitness routines, which probably keep him sane.

Psychological reports indicate that because of his past and multiple brushes with death, he has closed himself off and refuses to be remotely close to anyone, for fear that his own death will cause the same pain and anguish he keeps locked away in an internal forcefield.

However, he clings to the ideals of Starfleet and his family background - while tarnished with tragedy at the same time Craig is fiercely proud of it, and hopes to live up the name McClintock.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fiercely loyal, independant and physically imposing. Has also honed his mind as well as his body by studying battle tactics and strategies to enable him to complete mission goals faster, better and with efficiency that can only be compared to the Borg.

Constantly pushing himself Craig is not known for subtlety or grace and has no time or regard for such diplomatic nonsense. His only method of communication is via the chain of command and at end of a Type 3 phaser rifle. If kept out of action and idle too long his mind catches up to him and 'falls off the wagon', according to medical and psychiatric reports.
Ambitions Holds no desire to elevate himself higher than the NAVSOG, however one of his goals is to start a family and continue the McClintock line - before he falls in battle according to family 'tradition'. This may prove more difficult than subduing a Klingon bare-handed, due to his emotional scars and distance to all around him.
Hobbies & Interests Immerses himself in military history not extending far beyond old battles, wars and strategy - even including ancient rome and the conquests of Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Genghis Khan.
His favourite book is The Art of War by Sun Tzu, passed down through the McClintock family like an heirloom.

On top of his historical immersion he takes his learning from datapaads and books holodeck time to engage in hand-to-hand combat versus a cavalcade of opponents, including Klingons, Borg, Romulans, Undine and even Vulcans. Just in case. As part of his self-assigned 'duties' he often disengages the safety protocols, to make his training more..realistic.

Personal History Born 15 June 2380, Craig "Clint" McClintock was a born soldier. His ancestors can be traced as far back to the 21st Century, where they were in the Black Watch, a Scottish infantry regiment part of the Royal Army. Because of this, Craig was infused from a early age with a sense of loyalty, and determination to live up to his name.

Although his father never joined Starfleet or the Marine Corps (owing to his elder brother's death aboard U.S.S Madison) Craig was actually inspired by his uncle to take up the rifle, even more so when he researched his family history as part of a class project. His younger sister Moira was much more timid and never felt such an urge, instead taking to their country living on a rural farm, studying biology and geography. Instead Craig used the surrounding highlands to engage in epic laser tag and paintball battles, his first of many to come.

Eventually this 'love' of warfare took root. While he dearly loved his surroundings and his homeland, Craig felt that there were many more battles to be fought, and knew that leaving the Sol System would be a good bet to that. He enrolled in the Marine Corps at 18, and came second in his class three years later, never losing his drive or forgetting his commitments. His instructors were so impressed they recommended and awarded him the rank of Lance Corporal upon graduating and was ironically posted to Starbase 37-Sierra as part of it's garrison.

McClintock initially resisted the idea of officership. Lt. V'Drel recognized his potential, took him under her wing and encouraged him to go back to Earth for officer training. She reasoned he could do a lot more, still command battles on the ground and save more lives than he would as enlisted personnel. While this swayed his opinion, he did not feel it was the right time. It took her untimely death for Craig to realize that his life could end at any time, anywhere. He decided to fulfill his potential - and his promise to V'Drel - and put in for officer training at Sandhurst Military College, part of Starfleet's Marine Corps.
Service Record 2380: Born in Inverness, Scotland, Earth.

2398: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps, moving to San Francisco.

2399: Involved in a Class-II Incident where in one battle-training simulation the safety protocols malfunctioned, and saved the life of a fellow Private, pulling him away from a photon grenade before it exploded. Earned Commendation for Bravery.

2401: Graduated second in his class from Marine Corps with the rank of Lance Corporal, and was posted to Starbase 37-Sierra under 1st Lt. V'Drel, part of the marine detachment guarding against possible rogue Romulan incursions after the destruction of Romulus.

2402: Given the full rank of Corporal after averting a diplomatic incident when groups of both Klingons and Romulans were present on Starbase 37 - the Romulans were 'angry' about Klingon advancements over their border and into Romulan space. Being a Vulcan V'Drel's presence would only have inflamed tensions, however her recommendations for the promotion were due to "..the ability to not only fire correctly and precisely or in multiple fighting styles, but also to lower his weapon to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and loss of civilian life."

2403: Promoted to Sergeant after saving V'Drel's life from Orion bandits and slavers. McClintock administered first aid while under disruptor fire, stopping her from internally haemorraging. Personal logs indicate an affair instigated after this event between the two for some time.

2405: In a skirmish against a Klingon task force V'Drel's fighter is destroyed, disabling McClintock's Peregrine while attempting to cover her. He is in turn rescued by the U.S.S. Khitomer and after a brief but quiet stint as Staff Sergeant; training new Privates, McClintock returns to Earth for officer training at Sandhurst Military College.

2408: After an uneventful three years of hard studying and graft, McClintock graduates third in his class with the rank of Second Lieutenant, and requests a posting back aboard U.S.S. Khitomer as a senior member of her marine contingent.

2409: Took part in the Battle of Vega. When his phaser rifle failed to remodulate he fought close quarters while the colonists evacuated, risking assilimilation into the Collective himself.

2409: With the U.S.S Khitomer badly damaged and in drydock; McClintock is reassigned and promoted to First Lieutenant for valiantly fighting against the loss of life on Vega, and ordered to proceed to Outpost 235, to join the U.S.S. August as Marine Executive Officer.

Late 2409: Captain Dylan withdraws from her post aboard the August. Amidst the administration changes from Starfleet Marines to NAVSOG, McClintock is promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander, and currently heads up the newly reformed Naval Special Operations Group.

2411: Given position of Executive Officer aboard U.S.S. August due to retirement of commanding officer, and promoted to Commander by newly-installed Captain Foultish.

Awarded the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry in 2403 after saving the life of a superior officer while under fire.
Awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor in 2409 for the utmost bravery and courage in the face of a Borg invasion during the Battle of Vega.