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A time for training

Posted on 17 Aug 2014 @ 11:55pm by Lieutenant JG Horatio Nelson

Nelson walked onto the holodeck and was greeted by his squad mates. Warrant Officer Willis stood up and put on his backpack which contained 100lbs of solid plates. The rest of the squad followed suit. Willis picked up the last backpack and handed it to Nelson. "Thank you warrant officer." Nelson said as he put his pack on. "Alright men, 5 mile run and then we will start with the phaser rifle drills. On me, double time, MARCH!" The 5 men squad formed up on Nelson and started their 5 mile trek through a dense forest.

Kelton, the newest to the squad, started to fall behind in the run. Nelson pulled back and pushed him until he reached back up with the rest of the squad. "No man will ever be left behind in my squad, is that understood?!" Kelton looked up at Nelson and said "Yes sir, understood" The rest of the squad grunted out a "Horrah!"

The 5 men finished their run when all of a sudden phaser fire erupted near their positions. Nelson yelled out for everyone to take cover. "To Arms!" yelled Willis as the men pulled their backpacks off of their backs and pulled out their phaser rifles.

Nelson looked over to Jiang who had his tricorder out. "What do you see crewman!?" Jiang pressing buttons furiously replied back "Sir, 10 klingons approaching from all sides. We are surrounded." The 5 men looked at each other and then looked back at Nelson for his guidance.

Nelson looked around trying to think of any way that he could get his men out alive. He couldn't think of anything until he saw a huge redwood tree just north of their position. "Jiang, how many Klingons just north of that tree?" Jiang looked at his tricorder and motioned three.

Nelson switched his phaser rifle to a setting of 4 and motioned to his squad to follow his lead. Nelson pointed his rifle to the tree and fired, cutting the tree horizontally as if a chain saw had gone through it. Though the tree didn't budge. Nelson then motioned for Willis, who was of a 'bigger' stature', to ram that tree and push it forward. Willis nodded his head and ran at it as hard as he could. It budged a little, but not enough. Nelson then went up and helped Willis push it over. Still nothing. One by one, the remainder of the squad got around the tree and pushed as hard as they could to force that tree over and finally it started to topple.

The tree fell and made enough of a distraction for the squad to start their counter attack. Phaser fire started up. Crewman Jiang fired and hit a klingon point blank in the chest as he was coming at him with a knife. Willis was in hand to hand combat with a klingon and was struggling with him. Kelton took a higher ground and started to pick off a few of the klingons as they made their way towards the squad. Nelson fired his phaser rifle at the klingon that Willis was having difficulty with and killed him instantly. Willis nodded his head at Nelson. Kuang was continuously firing his phaser rifle towards two klingons who had taken refuge behind the downed redwood. Kuang yelled out "Sir, I have two over here!" as he ducked disrupter fire.

Nelson motioned to Willis and Kelton to flank them while Jiang and himself moved to support Kuang. Phaser fire and disrupter fire kept going on for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only 20 seconds until Willis and Kelton were able to flank the two klingons and shoot them down at their defensive positions.

Jiang yelled out letting everybody know that those were the last two. The squad regrouped. "Computer, end simulation." The holodeck went from a dense forest to the familiar sight of the nothingness the holdeck had when not turned on. "Sir, I think that went well" Kuang said as he was getting his breath. Nelson looked back at the squad and nodded "Yes, I believe it did. I think we still have some kinks to work out, but I believe we are finally becoming as one. Good job everybody. I would like a full report from each of you as to what we could have done better, on my desk by morning. Dismissed." The squad nodded at their commander. "Sir..." Willis spoke up as Nelson was leaving the holdeck. "The squad mates and I would like to invite you to the mess hall for some grub. Would you join us?" Nelson turned around and smiled, "Thank you warrant officer, but I have many of reports to write. Our CO likes his reports on time, as do I. Have fun without me though!"

Nelson got to his quarters and pressed a few buttons on his desk. "Computer, start NAVSOG XO Log" The computer chirped. "NAVSOG XO log supplemental, I have just finished training with my squad and I think we are finally able to work as one. It has been a long time coming, but I think we have figured out how each one of us can work together as a team rather than as individuals. I think with more time and more experience, we will have no problems facing any threats that face this ship or the federation. I just hope that we will figure out before it is too late. As for the other squads, it seems they are as well working very well together. There have been a few quarrels with a few of the NAVSOG personnel, but in due time those will fade away. Computer end log."

Nelson got up from his desk and grabbed a pad. He then went over to his bed and laid down. The pad consisted of the latest security threats to the federation and this sector. He did not like what he saw...


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