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"Captians log"

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask

"GET THOSE FIRES OUT! HARD PORT,SIGNEL ENTERPRISE WE NEED COVER!" Jolan shouted, his crew raceing to try to carry out orders, the battered ship was doing well, but had been battered and bloody,jolan himself watching two men die practically in his arms,he had been cut and scratched but he held firm.

USS Iowa, was sailing nicely,allbeit on fire in the warm pacific waters as her prey circled around for yet another strike at the wounded colossus, two of her attackers lay sinking into the water, as her anti aircraft guns roared to life once again. "TORPEDOS TO STARBORD!" shouted a lookout as the planes passed the ship jolan looked over his shoulder " train five inch guns on the water,detonate em via shockwave flak shells get some fiftys on em as well starboard engine back emergency spin her where she sits!" he shouted again looking back to his radioman "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FIGHTERS ENSIGN!?" the crewmen stammered "ten minutes out captian" jolan hit the already shattered map table "WE DONT HAVE TEN MINUTES I NEED THOSE FIGH----- =^= all hands alert conditions, gamma radiation leak all hands to duty stations=^=

"you win this round...akagi" was all jolan said as he exited the holodeck and took a lift to the bridge.


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