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Change Of Plans

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Casey St. Duiex MD

The Undine attack had been brutal and efficient. Maximum casualties sustained in a minimal amount of time.

Relaxing for a moment, Casey opened up a personal log on the PADD while the events were still fresh in his mind, reflecting back on what had transpired during the last 24 hours since he and Jarin had separated outside of the lounge...

Casey got to sickbay as the casualties began streaming in. Entering sickbay Casey handed off the Yeoman that he had carried there and then mad his way through the crowd, getting near the CMO, who was in the middle of an operation.

"Matt, where do you want me."

The CMO looked over his shoulder to St.Duiex "Saint, excellent timing! Take the spinal injury on bed 4. The steri-field is active and 4 is fully equipped to handle that kind of a surgery. Has a level 2 subdermal scalpel, bio-electric field generator and a cellular regenerator."

Captain Matt Nixon, the CMO for ESD and a long time mentor of Casey's, quickly scanned the growing chaos around him and then bellowed out commands "Nurse Chapel, assist Commander... Er, Lieutenant St.Duiex... on 4 with the spinal, pronto! And who the hell is managing triage and access? There are too many people milling around in here! I'm a Doctor, NOT A DAMNED TRAFFIC COP! MOVE IT PEOPLE!"

With that the CMO turned back to his patient that he was operating on, trying to keep him from bleeding out on his table.

The next 20 hours were a blur of activity in the OR, with the facility finally stabilizing the flow of injured. With the arrival of the USS Hope and its expanded medical facilities the less severe cases were transferred over to it, freeing up care for the more critical cases.

Casey closed out the personal log and quickly scanned incoming transmissions on the PADD to catch up on news. A message awaited him, informing him that his scheduled transport to his next assignment, the S.S. Java, was now just a floating hulk of what used to be a transport ship and that it would not be going anywhere. Ever.
Furthermore, the Senior staff of Outpost 42 were now enroute back to the Sol system for upgraded weapons, training and intel updates and that Casey was to meet up with the OP staff upon their arrival at ESD.

And then the thought hit him like a ton of bricks!

In the chaos of the ordeal he had not thought about Jarin, but now that it was over it came to him that he had not heard from his fellow Outpost officer since they split up when the fighting had started.

Jumping up, Casey raced for the turbo lift, headed to armory, hoping to track down Jarin's whereabouts.
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