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"Cura te ipsum"

Posted on 23 Sep 2014 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant Casey St. Duiex MD

Translation: Doctor, heal thyself

The 2 men rose from their seats and shook hands. "Matt, take care. Appreciate you sparing a couple of minutes to chat. Glad to hear that you and Eva have finally decided to take down your shingles, retire, and go enjoy some down time. I'll send you those boat plans that I mentioned, sweetest thing on the water that you will ever lay your eyes on"

Matt chuckled as he walked Casey to the door "We will see Saint. I gave 'em six months notice, Eva wanted no more than 2. I'd like to get the ESD medical facilities back in line and see that those upgrades actually come though as promised. And thanks again for those plans."

Saying their final farewells, Casey left the Starbase CMO's office suite and made his way to the observation area on deck 32 overlooking the shuttle bay docks. He wanted to watch as the Outpost 42 staff arrived. He planned to give them some time to settle and then he would go and report to his new CO.

It was not that long ago that Casey had faced a similar decision to what Matt had just gone through. But the results were different. He would take the demotion and remain a Starfleet officer, going where he was told to go, keeping his nose clean and the rest of him out of trouble. Besides, he thought, I'm a Doctor, not a ships captain...
Nor a ships CMO.

Those opportunities vanished with his Courts Marshall.

"Yep, that will be me. Staying outta trouble, going by the book and following orders".

The last part was historically easier said than done.


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