Chief Tactical Officers log supplemental

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask

Jolan took a sip from the thermos of coffee he had made prior to the leak the red lights reflecting off his face as he sat on a shuttle nacelle holding a PADD the shuttle beside him launching with another group of crew he sighed starting to feel the starting stages of the radiation, he had made sure his had a regiment readily on supply for his crew of anti radiation hyposprays and pills his orders still held command having not yet ordered his men off as he keyed up the PADD.

"things arnt getting much better down here, containment measures arnt stopping the radiation anymore, were now getting a steady dosage, even the EVA suits are feeling the effects in an effort to clear the air ive had engineering seal shuttle bay life support and pull some life support gear normally used in emergency's out of storage and hook it into the now isolated shuttledeck systems I see a few NAVSOG field medics helping treat crew as they drop waiting for shuttles, its slow going but we are making progress, as I write this, weve got 30 percent of the crew off the ship either via lifeboats or shuttlecraft and runabouts the bulk are casualty's on the decks closest to where engineering thinks the leak started from" jolan signed pocketing his thermos and pulling his helmet back on when a crewmen came up to him,he wasent really trained for the job but he had been doing a damn fine job keeping the portable scrubbers running "commander, the systems are starting to break down we need to pick up the pace, shuttlebays gonna be getting contaminated faster then we can clear it in the next ten minutes" the clearly nervous crewmen reported,it was the kids first tour,just eighteen years old a newluy born son having left on the first shuttle with his feancee,placeing his hand on crewmen yates shoulder jolan looked him in the eye "be with your son, your relived Jonathan ,damn good work".

as the crewmen smiled and boarded the next leaveing runabout jolan killed his datapad and walked over to the overworking scrubber, hell bent on giving his shipmates a safe port in the seeping storm of radiation