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Posted on 07 Oct 2014 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Samuel Quinn & Lieutenant JG Jeanette Callaway & Captain Joshua Broughm Ph. D. & Commander Craig McClintock & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kenneth Belder & Commissioner William Sullivan & Lieutenant Jennifer Simms
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Mission: Decon
Location: U.S.S. August, Various
Timeline: SD241108.01

=== SICKBAY, DECK 3 ===

Deck three was a madhouse! All of the contaminated patients were 'stuffed' into the secondary trauma unit, just adjacent of the science labs, while Broughm & Simms were working with the most severe cases in the main sickbay.

"JENNY!" Josh hollered out, "How many more came in?" Simms looked around. "Another three were added to the non-severe isolation. No more in the past hour I believe."

Josh took a huge sigh. "Over the hump," he said, "but i don't think this is over yet."

=^= "Engineering to Sickbay, Doc, I'm getting pretty short on staff down here. Is there any way you can send some of my people down?" =^=

=^="Give me ten minutes."=^=

"Jenny," Broughm said, "get to non-severe. Whoever's able-bodied, pump them with Hyronalin and lectrazine & send them down to Engineering." Lt. Simms nodded and heads out.

=^="Sickbay to Engineering. In about 5 minutes, you're gonna get flooded with people."=^=

=^="Thanks Doc."=^=

Broughm now went into his office, got a cup of coffee and opened up a commline to the colony.

=^= Broughm to Sullivan. Priority one, Urgent. =^=

=^= Sullivan here. =^=

=^= You up to speed on what's going down up here? =^=

=^= Yes I've been informed that you may need to evacuate to the colony =^=

=^= The order hasn't been given quite yet, but I want to be ready when we do get that order. How are you guys are space right now? =^=

=^= Many of the buildings in the colony are still incomplete, but they are usable to a limited extent . We should definitely be able to fit 120 more people down here. =^=

=^= I need as many beds as you can spare. Also set up a decon & rad treatment booth if you can. It may be temporary, but still... =^=


Quinn was struggling on one of the environmental suits that they kept in engineering. He evaluated his options and noticed that they were all lacking in one department - manpower. He finished fastening the suit closed and grabbed the helmet, hoping that the radiation hadn't affected it like the internal sensors.

He latched the helmet on and powered it up. With a sigh of relief he powered up the comms and called, =^= "Quinn to Bridge, I have half of my people in Sickbay either getting checked out or quarantined. Sir, i need anyone who is cross-trained for engineering, hell I'll take anyone who can hold a spanner right now."

=^= "McClintock here, I have someone in mind. I'll have Petty Officer Belder report to you. =^=

"The new guy? Yeah, He's hired, have him grab an Enviro suit and meet me down here." Quinn signed off the comm link, grabbed his tricorder and started scanning the plasma conduits running under the deck. After he confirmed the plasma was cooled he pulled the panel off the floor, and took a sample from the main conduits.

As people began reentering Engineering in environmental suits, Quinn began giving orders. "You two, get this sample to a science lab, I want a full analysis of all the compounds in this yesterday! Callaway, Take everyone else and start scouring the ship, if there is any radiation anywhere else we need to know."

Quinn moved to the Master control console and started tapping commands into the console.
=^= "Engineering to bridge, I need to drop the core. Otherwise we're gonna be stuck out here waiting for Starfleet to bring us a new one. i suggest we have the runabout tractor it and bring it down to the planet." =^=

=^= "Understood Commander, prepare to eject the core on my order. This a last-ditch effort before we abandon ship to join our warp core." =^=

In the midst of the confusion, a particularly panicked young crewman entered and flitted about the room, trying to find something to help with. He was relieved when he caught Quinn's eyes. Readily, Mr. Belder almost shouted: "Commander! What do you need me to do?"

"Belder, over here, I need your help tying the antimatter containment into the emergency life support. You override the safety's and I'll link the power nodes."

Belder ran to the console and began wildly tapping at the screen, hoping that he was inputting the correct sequence. He worked to contain his worry and confirmed the command. "Safeties have been overridden! You're set to..." The crewman was only halfway through his sentence before Quinn had already done all he needed.

Quinn surveyed his work and turned back to the master display console. He activated what was left of the internal sensor net and programmed it to read radiation hotspots. The computer began blaring alerts all over the console. *"Radiation alert on all decks, repeating, Radiation alert all decks."*

"Aw hell, things can't get any worse now." he sighed and tapped his combadge =^="Engineering to bridge, That's it I'm calling it. There is nothing more I can do here. I'm requesting all hands to Abandon ship."=^=

Quinn keyed in his authorization code on the console and activated the sequence. The Solid yellow alert lights turned to flashing red. "Computer Begin lockdown sequence, confine all commands to the bridge, and engineering. Initiate all automation overrides, Authorization Quinn Eight-three-Alpha-sigma-two."

*"Initiating Automation overrides of ship systems. Lockdown will be available at the confirmation of ships Captain or first officer or the highest ranking officer available."*

=^="Quinn to Bridge, Please respond."=^=

There was static coming from both his combadge and the intercomm system, Quinn tapped at a console to see if he could get any link to the bridge but his efforts were in vain. "Damn, Computer, the Bridge is unable to respond initiate the lock down!

"Belder, you and me need to get outta here as of yesterday the compartment is about to flood with irradiated plasma."

"You don't need to tell me twice, sir!"

Quinn hit the controls to eject the warp core, and started running towards the nearest escape pods. as he was running and trying to breathe, he gasped out, "So Belder, you bring anything to read?"


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