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Movin' Bodies

Posted on 02 Oct 2014 @ 4:33pm by Captain Torinth B'Lor & Captain Joshua Broughm Ph. D. & Commander Craig McClintock & Lieutenant Commander Jolan Trask & Lieutenant Jennifer Simms

Mission: Decon
Location: Turbolift to Sickbay
Timeline: SD241110.02

Trask and Broughm entered the lift shortly after getting the green light on a partial evacuation.

"How many civilians on-board?" Josh asked.

Jolan sighed before answering josh's question. "Twenty two, including Crewmen Yates and Barrows four-month old." he finished looking at a PADD in his hand

Josh nodded silently. "If the radiation didn't affect transporters, we could do it in a matter of minutes, But...."

Jolan cut off the doctor with confidence in his voice.
"The torpedo armory and launcher access has heavy shielding, the tubes even heavier shielding not just forcefields but incorporated into the surrounding bulkheads as well. If we seal the blast door and set up pattern enhancers we might be able to beam people off. When I found out the new August was getting plasma torpedoes, I had the yard incorporate plasma storage considerations for the warheads."

"It's a hell of a long shot but its something." he sighed tacking on a key point "In the event of a warhead leak torpedo access and adjoining areas can be purged. If we time it well after I purge the contaminated atmosphere inside the compartment, it might not be contaminated enough to hamper beam outs."

He paused to consult his PADD again "I've got my guys helping with evacuations, if you need my department doc, you've got it."

"I thought so," Josh said, "To think the same thing that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk is looking to kill us."

Jolan chuckled at the thought "it could be worse...,we could be having a warp core breach as well!"

Josh nodded. "If transporters crap out due to excessive radiation," he said, "We'll need a plan B."

"If they do, we've still got shuttlecraft, EV suits and escape pods, which correct me if I'm wrong we can always re-dock. Hell, class-nine probes can fit a person on-board with limited life support and an EV suit." replied Jolan.

"Tell the pilots to get ready for launch," Josh said, "and set some escape pods up for ejection. Best we skip the middle man on this one and avoid-"

=^= "All hands, this is your XO. All attempts to contain the environmental hazard fae' Engineering have failed. I'm ordering a' hands tae' abandon ship and rendezvous at the colony in order to flush the ship of plasma contaminants. I repeat - all hands abandon ship." =^=

Seconds ticked by as the two men looked at each other before Trask's combadge chirped.
=^= "McClintock tae' Trask, come in."=^=

"That's not good..." replied jolan as he hit his combadge. =^="Trask here Craig, go.=^="

=^= "The captain hasnae' reported tae' the bridge Jolan, and I cannae' get through tae' him. Computer reports him still in his quarters. Your priority is to investigate, and prepare for the worst. Evacuate him if need be. McClintock oot'." =^=

"Computer," Josh said, "Emergency redirect to crew quarters." He turned to Jolan and said, "This is not much better than a core breach."

"Don't say it, knew I shouldn't of opened my big trap. Look, when we get on deck, I'll go for the emergency pressure suits, you get the field kit from the first aid station. i doubt my security overrides will work on his door, yours might given you're CMO, but just in case I'll grab the DC kit from the locker, incase I need to disable a containment field, or redirect one." jolan replied as he waited for the lift to come to a stop.

Josh wheeled around to one of the panels, kicked it and it popped open. He bent down and retrieved a type-X medical kit. "I was able to persuade SCE to stuff medical kits in the lift cars as an extra precaution." He gave a slight smile.

"Smart thinking, if we end up having to go to the yard maybe we can get a few more hidden surprises installed." Jolan replied moving to an EVA locker and a damage controlman's locker "Here's hoping Quinn didn't change the access codes." as he moved to open the locker, and grabbing the kit while pulling on the pressure suit passing one to josh. "Should we bother grabbing one for the skipper, or should I just combat carry him?"

Without even thinking about it, the doc said, "Combat carry. With the levels of gamma radiation in there, he's almost certainly unconscious." He pulled out his glasses, slipped them on, synced them to his tricorder, then proceeded to put on the suit.

jolan hit his combadge.
=^= "Trask to Tactical Department, co-ordinate evacuations under Ensign Smith. repeat co-ordinate evacuations under Ensign Smith, we don't leave till I, the XO and the CMO know everybody else is off this vessel other then those needed for decontamination measures. Secure ships armory, those of you that aren't needed for that are on evac duty. Mr. Smith, if medical needs something from us, we do it. Trask out." =^=

Josh snapped his helmet on and activated his hud-glasses. Immediately, he saw a bright green glow emanating from the captain's quarters. "Jolan," he asks, "what do we have that has medical systems comparable to sickbay's system in terms of shuttles?"

"The Memorium, a type 11 shuttle. We modify as needed for NAVSOG drops or long range trips. Last I checked she hasn't been converted from her NAVSOG role, so shes got combat grade triage systems aboard." Jolan replied, snapping and sealing his own helmet seeing the same glow josh saw.
"I'll work on shunting the plasma into an adjoining quarters, and vent it externally so we don't further flood the ship." Jolan moved to a wall panel, using his security overrides to try to access life support damage control measures.

"That's good enough." Josh said.

=^= Broughm to Bridge. Commander, we need to co-opt the marine transport. =^=

The doctor could make out slight grumbling over the comm.
=^= "I'd rather have it for evacuation, but if it's for the Captain you have it Doctor. Just make sure it's filled to capacity at some point." =^=

=^= "No worries." =^=

He closed the comm and looked at the door. "I think we're good to go." Josh commented, "Computer, Emergency medical access override. Broughm-Alpha-72." The door flew open, Josh went in quickly and did a fast assessment.

Jolan in turn raced into the captain's quarters and tore off an access panel he needed to vent the s plasma, and he needed to vent it now. His finger tips became a blur on the console behind the panel, occasionally tapping away at his tricorder.
"If I can just access the containment field controls.... or purge systems..."

"Its pretty bad," the doctor said rather grimly, "his system's gone septic. I don't think I can pull him out of it."

"You familiar with battlefield triage? just do what you can, I think I've almost got this purged. Get the captain suited up if possible" Jolan replied, still tapping away at the access panel. He jury-rigged two forcefields via activating the security screen in front of them and a damage control field in the bulkhead they were up against - effectively forming a small gap of air that luckily only had small amounts of plasma in it.
"Hope this works, if not be ready to keep the skipper alive for the next minute or so while we re-pressurize, atmo purge outside our forcefields underway!" With that he hit the button and the forcefield that was protecting them flickered as if the ship had an open hull breach; the air minus the vent they were near left the room.

Josh administered a mix of radiation drugs and checked the captain's vitals again. "He's stable for now," he said, "but it won't last. We have to get him out of here."

Jolan nodded as the room finished venting and repressurized, the noxious green gas seemed to hang outside the window as he nodded to the doc. "rooms as clear as I can get it, lets go" jolan then picked up his CO combat carrying him across his back exiting the room he headed for a lift shouting as he went. "make a hole, make a hole, hold that turbolift!,skippers septic!' the crewmen on the deck doing as ordered allowing the chief Tactical officer through to the turbolift josh right on his heels "computer, priority redirect to shuttle bay, authorization Trask pi 14!" with jolans override the lift bypassed all prior stop points heading directly to the main shuttlebay.

=^= Broughm to bridge. Captain's in critical condition, but stablized. That won't last for long I reckon. =^=

=^= McC here. Get him to the Shuttlebay Doctor and evacuate him to the Outpost.

=^= Broughm to Sickbay. Jen, get two techs & get to the memoriam, STAT! =^=

Jen grabbed a primary medical kit((Immagine one of those big, clunky kits with almost a full surgical suite)) and bolted for the Shuttlebay.

Josh and Jolan both exited onto the bay deck, immediately sprinting for the shuttlebay. Simms, without a word, nodded to the CMO. He helped Jolan place the Captain on the gurney. "Get him to the planet as fast as you can," Josh said, "then get the Memoriam back up here. You stay on the surface and help out as best you can. Got it?"

Jennifer nodded and said, "No worries boss." She, along with the two techs, pushed the gurney onto the Memoriam and lifted off very fast.

"Jolan," Josh said, "continue coordinating evac procedures. I'll be up on the bridge."

Jolan nodded "You got it, I've got smith leading people to escape pods, he's passing casualties my way" with that jolan whistled gathering attention of the deck and started running a proper flight deck a perfect image of organized chaos.

Josh gave a slight salute, took off his helmet and got onto the lift to the bridge.


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