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Arriving at Earth Spacedock

Posted on 02 Oct 2014 @ 4:34pm by Captain Torinth B'Lor & Commander Tailio Dahel & Lieutenant Commander Ian Grant & Lieutenant Casey St. Duiex MD & Lieutenant Jarin Ghemor & Lieutenant JG Jason Trask & Ensign Moru glasch Tam

Mission: Decon
Location: Earth Spacedock
Timeline: SD241110.02

The Computer chirped and consoles chimed as Torinth dabbed on the console. "Thank you for the ride Algor." Torinth smiled as she turned to the conn, Mr. Grant, set a course for Shuttlebay 7."

"Yes Ma'am," Grant acknowledged, keying a sequence into the shuttles controls, then speaking into the comm."Spacedock Control, this is Shuttlecraft 42-Alpha inbound from Outpost 42, requesting landing clearance." "42-Alpha, this is Spacedock Control, you're cleared to dock in Shuttlebay 7, welcome home."

=^= B'Lor to Trask, dock in Shuttlebay 7 Lieutenant. =^=

=== Shuttlebay 7 ===
The runabout landed and with the hum of the engines powering down Torinth stood up and stood out of the entry hatch, greeted by a relatively small Ocampan Officer. "Lieutenant Linnea, the Admiral's Aide, he'd like to see you Commander." chirped the young officer. Torinth's Betazoid senses could detect nothing to worry about, however she nodded with hesitation. Looking back at the rest of her officers with a smile. "Well what're you all waiting for? Go have some shore leave." Lieutenant Linnea put her hand up slowly. "Actually Commander the Admiral would like your officers to be present for the debrief." Torinth nodded and then followed the Lieutenant to the Admiral's Office.

=== Earth Spacedock Operations ===
Having been notified to immediately report to the Admirals office Casey headed for the turbo lift at the far end of the Observation area. After a short ride the Doctor stepped out and entered the Starbase Commander’s reception area where he announced himself to the Yoman behind the desk. He was told that Lieutenant Linnea was meeting the shuttle and would be along shortly with the Outpost 42 command staff that had just arrived at ESD. Casey took a seat in one of the plush chairs in the Admiral’s outer office and waited their arrival and for the next chapter in his career to begin.

A few moments later a nearby turbolift opened, out came Torinth and the rest of her crew, walking over to Casey and reaching out with one hand. "Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant." Torinth said with a smile.

Casey stood and took the Commander’s hand , looking into her eyes trying to gauge any undercurrents. But he was just a doctor, not a Betazoid like his new commanding officer. “Commander B’Lor, the pleasure is mine. I look forward to jumping in and working with you ma’am, as well as with the rest of the team” smiling as he included the others as they approached.

Smiling, Torinth chirped "I see we're waiting for Lieutenant Ghemor."

Ghemor slowly stumbled towards Casey, holding his head firmly with his right hand, whilst muttering "That Bajoran Kanar does go down smoothly but it doesn't quite come up the same way". Saw Lt. Commander Torinth, gagged, and quickly went into the military stance of attention. Expecting a telling off which would be a fair rival to that of the Obsidian Order.

Turning to Jarin, Casey chuckled and clapped Jarin on the shoulder. "I'll see what we can do to help you with that in a bit. Right now it looks like shore leave is over". Casey turned to Torinth "Commander, I'd like to introduce Lieutenant Jarin Ghemor, a very creative and super intelligent guy and one of the officers responsible for pushing back the Undine attack. Although it seems he is better at fighting the Undine than fighting off the after effects of Kanar"

Torinth glared at Ghemor with her piercing betazed eyes, having seemed to of forgotten that Ghemor was in fact Cardassian. "It's an... erm... pleasure to meet you Lieutenant." Torinth quickly turned and set her attention to Lieutenant Linnea. "Is the Admiral ready to see us?" within a moment the young ocampa nodded with a smile.

Linnea turned and walked towards the Admiral's Office, the doors opening and Quinn looking up from his desk to Torinth and the rest of the crew. "Ah! Commander!" Quinn said standing up to shake B'Lors hand. "I hope you didn't run into any problems on your trip?" Quinn said whilst looking directly into Torinth's eyes. "Thankfully we didn't sir, I had only hoped we would come home for something more pleasant than an attack." Quinn's face fell at the reminder of the attack. "Indeed Commander, no one wants to return home to news of an attack, you'll be glad to know that casualties were restricted to Spacedock and a few vessels docked within the system." Quinn turned to his desk and picked up a little black box and a padd. "I won't keep you for long so it's best that we get down to business." Quinn placed the black box in B'Lor's palm, moments later Torinth opened the box and paused for a few seconds. "Sir?..." the only word to come out of Torinth's mouth before Quinn replied with a smile. "You've earnt it Captain. With the attack on Earth we can't afford to keep our key officers out of the loop, certainly those in the situation you have been thrusted into. You'll take command of the USS Skyrunner, a Centaur class frigate, she's only small.. but she should be a worthy replacement for the Vigilant which was lost." Torinth looked around at her fellow officers. "I... urm... thank you sir!" Quinn replied "You'll find her cargo holds contain a number of modified defense satellites and plans to further fortify Outpost 42. However the ship isn't the only thing you'll be taking back with you." Quinn tapped his badge. "Linnea, send her in...." moments later the doors to the Admirals office opened and a short women came in, her uniform had a black trim which raised a few questions among the crew. "This is Commander Tailio Dahel, you're new Intelligence Officer. With the attack on earth we can't risk any further intrusions by the Undine." Quinn said, whilst Dahel reached out to shake B'Lor's hand. "It'll be a pleasure to work alongside you Captain." Quinn then gave a slight nod and dismissed the crew.

Returning to the Operations area Torinth looked around to her crew. "I'd like you all to take a day of leave, go see your families, I'll let you all know once we're ready to return to Legacy."

Jason nodded, his family's freighter thankfully wasn't around during the attack "aint got any family here my uncles freighter is long gone back on her cargo runs, you need me for anything Captain, you lemme know" with that he moved to walk out, proceeding to explore the spacedock.


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