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Lieutenant Azumi Takeda

Name Azumi Jina Takeda

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 174 cm
Weight 53 kg
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Azumi is of slender build and stands at a height of 174 cm. Light purple hair contrasts with her dark brown eyes. She keeps herself in top shape by participating in several athletic activities as part of a regular daily regimen. Azumi is almost attractive, but she tends to dress casually or down, as she prefers to not draw that kind of attention to herself.


Father Nobu Takeda, Lieutenant, Starfleet Engineer (DECEASED)
Mother Sylvia Kim, Captain, Starfleet Medical Corps, Earth Space Dock
Brother(s) Older Brother (by 5 yrs) – Nobuyoshi Takeda, Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Security

Older Brother (by 3 yrs) – Ryoshi Takeda, Private Contractor, unknown.
Other Family Nancy Kim-Mathews (Aunt), Hologram Engineer, Santa Monica, North America

Henry Mathews (Uncle), Hologram Producer, Santa Monica, North America

Edward Mathews (Cousin), Lieutenant, Starfleet Medical Corps

Personality & Traits

General Overview Azumi is difficult to categorize. She is incredibly intelligent and has a strong spirit, though she tends to view things in the 'half glass empty' perspective. Azumi is quite out-spoken and will not hesitate to call out someone stating a (perceived) lie or a factual error. She also feels it is a waste of time to "sugar coat" things and tends to be very blunt.

Her rough exterior is her defensive mechanism, her mother's near constant absence has had a profound impact on her, though no counselor will EVER get her to admit it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Azumi has a keen and analytical mind. She excels with computer and data systems, but has a hard time with strict rules and regulations. She is too much a free spirit and chafes against strict authoritarian rules. However, she enjoys her work and is amazingly proficient in it.

Azumi can not tolerate people who put up facades about their true intentions or who are "fake" just so they can get what they want.
Ambitions Initially Azumi only wanted to serve her agreed upon 'required time' in Starfleet. However, that period of time has passed two years ago. Azumi won't admit it, but she enjoys her work in Starfleet. It gives her some purpose and she secretly desires some recognition from her mother.

Personal History Timeline
2385 Born in San Francisco, North America
2387 LT Nobu Takeda is killed when the USS Bedford is lost with all hands.
2393 Azumi and her brothers move in with their paternal aunt
2399 Enters Charles Tucker High School in Santa Monica.
2400 Azumi begins her life as a hacker.
2402 Azumi is caught by Starfleet Intelligence and enrolled at Starfleet Academy

Daughter of Starfleet Captain in the Starfleet Medical Corps, Azumi lived a comfortable but lonely life. Her father, a Starfleet engineer, was killed soon after she was born. Her mother was often busy or away on special missions while Azumi and her two older brothers were left in the care of her aunt (father’s sister). Thus Azumi spent much of her growing up in the Los Angeles metroplex region in North America.

Growing up without the presence of her parents, Azumi looked for ways to get attention from her mother. Most especially, as her mother was often away and only seen via regular vid-calls. Azumi’s aunt and uncle were loving and nice, but Azumi wanted more. As a teenager, she really missed her mother and her father.

Azumi has a knack for understanding how devices and machines work. More so Azumi has quite the talent for programming and computers. She quickly became quite the hacker and lived by the handle of Sakura (Cherryblossom). She started with systems at her school and graduated to corporate and Starfleet systems as time and her skill improved. Azumi mostly broke into systems just to test her skills and never did anything malicious except leave her trademark symbol.

However, after she broken into the Starfleet’s personnel records system in an attempt to look up her father, Starfleet Intelligence noticed her and tracked her down. Intelligence didn’t notice her until she tried to crack the security locks on her father’s file. Instead of Starfleet Security showing up at her home, it was Rear Admiral James Vance, a close friend of her father’s. The incident was swept under the rug on the condition that Azumi join Starfleet.

She was accepted to the Academy and did fairly well. Nothing spectacular, except for her computer and operations management courses. Upon graduating Azumi spent the next few years as a operations specialist, assisting the Ops Officer on various starships. Her job performance and ability were always stellar, however, her superiors found her to be a bit rebellious and argumentative. Azumi didn’t care much, as she had no desire to brown-nose or boot lick. She felt that regulations were guidelines and not hard rules.

Azumi have a strong education due to the prodding of her mother and aunt/uncle. Yet, Azumi could have gone on farther if she only applied herself more. Instead, she used her natural intelligence and smarts to just “get by” in school. However, she is a very quick learner and has an innate ability to “master” things once she applies herself.

At the Academy she pursued both Engineering (focus on computers and consoles) and Operations courses. She received mixed marks in her studies, depending on her instructors. When Azumi ‘corrected’ her instructions showing their mistakes, she often got low marks. If she had instructors who truly knew what they were talking about and able to engage her without feeling insulted, she did very well.

Service Record 2405-2406 – Ensign, USS Langston, Operations Specialist
2406-2407 – Ensign, USS Hartford, Operations Specialist
2407-2408 – Lieutenant JG, USS Morrison, Operations Officer
2408-2409 – Lieutenant JG, Earth Space Dock, Operations Officer
2409-PRES – Lieutenant, Starbase Legacy, Operations Officer