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Lieutenant James Cho

Name James Cho

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5"9
Weight 91.7lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Standing at an average height and carrying less bulk than the usual security officer means James relies more on his sharp mind and reflexes to outwit and outflank his foes.
Since his tae-kwon-do, tai chi and karate training he has maintained shoulder-length hair from his father which he keeps in a ponytail at all times.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Zi Cho, 59
Mother Jane Galviston, 57
Brother(s) Alexander Cho, 36
*Y√ľan Cho, 29
*Kuan-Yin Cho, 29

*Twin brothers.
Sister(s) Tian Cho, 34
Other Family Shaiming Cho, uncle, 62
Feng Sun, aunt, 56

Aidan Galviston, uncle, 59
Jack Galviston, uncle, 55

Personality & Traits

General Overview James Cho hails from Hong Kong, where his family tree is a web of extended family, aunts and uncles. His father is Chinese but his mother originated from Melbourne, Australia.

He is the first but not the last of the Cho clan to enter Starfleet, with his twin younger brothers following in his footsteps and now both serving aboard starships on various front lines. This has earned him some enmity with his family for "putting them in harms way", particularly his father who is quite the traditionalist.
Strengths & Weaknesses Through the reading of philosophy and chi, James is consistently calm, level-headed under pressure and phaser fire, and holds a strong moral compass between right and wrong - essential qualities for a security officer, he realized.

Has learnt to compartmentalize his feelings and thoughts; naturally suspicious of strangers, sometimes to the detriment of friendships.
Ambitions Having reached Chief of Security he is unsure of his long-term future - whether to eventually switch to command and earn his own starship, or continue in the security branch. Soon, James will have to decide - preferably before he receives yet newer orders.
Hobbies & Interests Constantly continues to train in tae-kwon-do, karate and performs tai chi early every morning, and used to lead classes of the latter on his last posting.

Enjoys the works of Confucius, and prizes The Book of Five Rings, written by a Japanese samurai on how to comport yourself in mind and body as a warrior.

Personal History Born in 2376, James is one of four children by Zi Cho, a Hong Kong executive (whose company is leading the way in inventing the quantum transporter), and Jane Galviston who met while Zi was studying for his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Melbourne. The rest, as they say - is history.

James grew up amid the sprawling skyscrapers and hidden islands of Hong Kong, and when he realised Starfleet would be a good outlet for his 'skillset' in mixed martial arts he took the opportunity to leave Earth far behind, his two twin brothers following not far behind. This has caused animosity behind him and his father Zi, with the eldest Alexander now heir to the company he is blamed for leading himself and his brothers into harm's way and into a career that is seen as "beneath them". Zi is half-right when he sees a lack of career progression for James, and uses that fact to spite and mock his son.
Service Record 2394
Gained entry to Starfleet Academy at San Francisco. Rank of Cadet.

Graduated the Academy with a major in Tactical Analysis and Survival Strategies and posted to Starbase 74 with the rank of Ensign, beginning his career in security in a long line of starbases.

As a new century begins James Cho helped thwart yet another starship hijacking from occurring as part of a boarding party on the U.S.S. Melbourne. The starfleet officers who were cornered on the bridge intended it for the Gorn, against the Klingon invasion force. A full security sweep of the Starbase for further mutineers occurs shortly afterward.

Receives promotion to Lieutenant JG, and is rotated to Starbase 718 located near the Romulan border - now a key strategic area where refugees gather and Starfleet security watches for smugglers, thieves and the continuing Klingon advance. A year later Cho becomes Assistant Chief of Security when Lt. Ellison is killed by an Orion raiding party.

Cho requests reassignment due to "personal reasons". With his experience on the Romulan frontier he is shuffled along to Deep Space 7 and when the current Chief of Security is rotated to a teaching post at Starfleet Academy James is finally promoted to hard-earned Lieutenant. At the same time DS7 takes in a new escort vessel, U.S.S. Stirling, giving Cho his first experience aboard a starship.

Upon the call for officers at a time when Starfleet is stretched thin, Cho puts in for assignment at Starbase 801, newly constructed as Chief of Security and Tactical. With his long service record at starbase facilities Starfleet finds no reason to refuse - beggars can't be choosers.