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Lieutenant Milo Landry

Name Milo Lewis Landry

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 178lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Of a stout stature at 5’7”, he has a distinct native tattoo located over his left temple extending over his left eyebrow and forehead. He keeps himself lean but well-toned at 178 pounds. He usually wears his shoulder length hair in a short ponytail though some hair at the front does not exactly reach his ponytail and always seems to fall onto his forehead. He also proudly keeps a well-trimmed short beard to his mother’s dismay.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Lewis Cloud (deceased)
Mother Rose (LeBlanc) Landry (62)
Brother(s) Matthew Landry (younger half-brother; 21)
Sister(s) Madeline Landry (younger half-sister; 21)
Other Family Stepfather, Victor Landry (69)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Milo is usually cool, calm and collected. He is a very internal person whom likes to analyze a situation on all fronts and process his thoughts before he makes them known. He has a kind heart and is an individual who seeks to understand what others go through even though most times this is done by cognitively analysis of the individual at a distance. Most times he seems socially awkward, quiet.

Still, his fascination and analytical skills is far more focused on technologies. Most notably, repairing and improving on shuttles and starships systems. And as handy as he is with the tools of his trade, it’s his self-esteem that seems to hold him back. Yet he is steadfast loyal and very dependable to his family, friends and superiors makes him an asset to have around.
Strengths & Weaknesses Milo is deeply loyal but his introversion make him seem timid and weak most times. Yet, others have said him to be fearless and He was commended as such even though he denies it. His skills as an engineer are only limited by his self-esteem.
Ambitions His only aim to join Starfleet was to see the universe after his stepfather retired and sold the freighter. Now that Milo has graduated and has traveled amongst the stars, he seems lost as to where to reach for next. His Starfleet career to him seems more of a stepping stone to greater things even if he does not know to what. Still he seems to be enjoying the ride and waiting for opportunities to fall on his laps. And recently found a challenging role on Starbase Legacy.
Hobbies & Interests He loves flying and has all his shuttle permits and certifications. He’s an experienced flight suite jumper both in and out of the atmosphere. He also enjoys paragliding and other forms of flying. He's also an accomplished swimmer and surfer. As active as he can be, Milo also can be found practicing meditation notably the type practiced by Native American meditation along with reading and researching more about his Mi'kmaq heritage.

Personal History Milo was born to Lewis and Rose Cloud on planet earth November 28, 2384 after nine years of marriage. He was raised on earth in the Atlantic Maritime of North America for the most part near what remained of a Mi’kmaq settlement until his father died from a rare heart defect, in 2387. Milo was merely three years old at the times and does not remember the event and remembered very little about his father other than through his mother’s stories of him. Rose, Milo’s mother soon fell for an off world trader while he was vacationing on earth and they soon grew very close quickly. Captain Victor Landry finished his stay months later and took them aboard his old Antares-class freighter. They married a year later on Risa and soon after Rose got pregnant with twins. Also at which point, Victor also formerly adopted Milo as his own. Rose’s pregnancy also put a stop to her and Milo’s traveling with Victor as they both saw the dangers to their new family. And so Victor and Rose decided to establish their home on Risa.

Milo for the most part had quite a happy childhood thereafter with his mother, brother and sister on Risa but only saw his stepfather when he was between jobs. As a teenager Milo developed the love of flying, notably hand gliding and this soon expanded to piloting small crafts. His skills earned him a place on his stepfather’s freighter while school was out. His interest soon shifted to fixing many malfunctions on his stepfather’s aging freighter and was soon looking at ways to retrofit systems to make them more efficient under the close guidance of the ship’s engineer – an old Starfleet engineer.

Eventually in 2401, Milo’s stepfather announced that he was retiring and selling his freight. Milo decided to enroll in Starfleet that same year and was accepted under the recommendation of the old Starfleet engineer that served on his stepfather’s freighter.

Milo succeeds at most of his course curriculum while exceeding a great number of his engineering course. But most of his focus was predictably put into his academy flight squadron which he enjoyed. Once he graduated in 2405, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Rhode Island, a Nova Class ship, within the engineering department. Because of its small crew compliment, Milo would not be left to his own devices. This forced him to make friends and acquaintance. Milo’s social skills evolved from awkward to adequate during this time. He even had a close friend by the name of Thomas Little who identified mostly with Milo’s inadequacies. In 2407, both where part of an away mission to repair a freshly battered space station. As they continued to repair the station, the Klingon aggressors came back and forced the outnumbered Rhode Island to momentarily retreat leaving Milo and the away team on the base.

Milo and the two other surviving member of the away team were rescued by the Rhode Island who came back with reinforcements and defeated the Klingon raid. Milo was hailed as a hero by his two other shipmates though he had no recollection of the events and declined such accolades. He requested a leave of absence which was denied, but instead granted a month shore leave. Upon his return to the Rhode Island, a month later, his performance seems to suffer which caused him to be passed up for promotion. As part of his performance evaluation, he was ordered to follow psychological evaluation and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome. Milo’s performance aboard the U.S.S. Rohde Island improved and he later filed for a transfer stating he needed a change of scenery. Upon further recommendation from the ships counselor, Milo was transferred to the Starbase 801 as part of their engineering department.
Service Record 2401-2405 - Attended and graduated from Starfleet Academy

2402-2405 - Member of Delta Squadron

2405-Awarded the rank of Ensign with his graduating class.

2405-Assigned to the U.S.S. Rhode Island

2407-Received several Commendation as a result of his actions on an away mission.

2409-Reassigned to the Starbase 801 commonly known as Starbase Legacy

2409-Awarded the provisional rank of Lieutenant and becomes Acting Chief Engineer