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Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan

Name Zoteke deuZige Madwan

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ktarian
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 1.88
Weight 150
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Wide shoulders, round belly and thick upper thighs support a thick neck and an angular big-ish head. He keeps his hair short like a marine thinking it makes him look tough but most find it looks disarming.


Spouse Dobske Madwan (deceased)
Children Ahrund Madwan (aged 3)
Father Awah Madwan (deceased)
Mother Osma Madwan (deceased)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family An uncle who lives a life of a small time smuggler/pirate, taking jobs from anyone for the right price.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A man with a heavy past which can on occasion effect him in when mothers or children are involved. A righteous man firmly believing in the values of the Federation and Starfleet. He's mostly cheerfull and his personality matches his appearance.

There's two things in his life he draws strength and a reason to live from: His son and Flying.

When he enters the cockpit of anything that flies Zoteke instantly and instinctively 'connects' to the vessel. When he's out there he feels he is where he should be and doing what he should do.

When he's with his son feelings of love, joy and pride war with each other for the honor of becoming almost overwhelming to him. His mind still not completely able to grasp that that little human sees him as the most wonderful special and awesome person in the world and does so in complete trust, unconditional love and absolutely void of any evil whatsoever...

Socially he is open, friendly and has friends but there's a part of him he's shielded off from everyone. In a crowd he can usually be counted on to break tensions with humor.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a child Zoteke lead a sheltered and protected life. His parents weren't rich but better off than most people

Zoteke came across in his life. In school he was allways the poorest scoring pupel in the class except for the tests that counted. As a rule Zoteke never truly belongs to one group or another, but he seems to be part of every group nevertheless. Allways the 8 ball among stripes and fulls. This gives him a unique perspective on most things. His education in engineering and software serves him well in his job as a fighter pilot being able to translate the pilot's 'feel and instinct' into the engineers 'vector the thrust 3,4 more degrees in that direction so the thing turns better.
A true seat of the pants, gut feeling and instinct guided pilot like the Aces of ancient earth he sometime reacts to things before sensors or the computers know something is up. His locational awareness is unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed before knowing exactly where he is at any time, which direction he is moving in and the speed with which he is moving anywhere in space.
Ambitions At the start of his career the plan was to do one or two tours of duty in the marine core and then move on into a professional career in the private sector but things worked out differently.

Then, having risen through the ranks of the marine core to the rank of master sergeant the hard way, he felt more and more resentment towards the "real" officers.

It took him 15 years to get to where he is but he still has to take orders from academy fresh ensigns who are no more than boys going through puberty.

All that kept him going was knowing he was fighting for his son's future and the love for flying.

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The development of some of the skills his son went through, which was deemed remarkable at first, grew to exceed the possible in speed and depth and the reports from the child's teachers drew the attention of Starfleet's scientific upper echelon. Their assessment that no natural explanation for Ahrund's remarkable skills with all kinds of computers and interfaces justified a mandatory examination and investigation at one of the fleet's scientific research stations. Refusing to be separated from his son this forced Zoteke to take an extended leave of absence and accompany Ahrund.

During the extensive tests, examinations and investigations the scientists subjected Ahrund to Zoteke, faced with more downtime than he was comfortable with filled his time with training and study. A new ambition slowly igniting inside.

His piloting skills have improved significantly, as has his tactical and strategical insight, instincs and knowledge of managing, employment and deployment of tactical resources. This due to the advanced training regimes he went through in holo-deck simulations and absorbing all the database had in theoretical information.

Ultimately the scientists had to conclude the skills with computers and interfaces Ahrund had developed could not be attributed to any known outside influence and that the boy represented no threat to anyone let alone the fleet or the Federation. His release meant Zoteke could resume his active duty and career, leaving only the question where and how.

Having accepted he now has become one of the officers he had come to despise, be it via the long and hard way, and having the skills and knowledge needed to feel he is capable of bearing the responsibility for others lives he discovered a new ambition growing inside himself. Command track.

Starfleet command, recognizing he could not return to being squadron leader of the August's fighters (the August no longer having any and being god knows where out there beyond the reach of his security clearance), allowed him to make his choice from the open positions in the personnel database. Those of the Starbase Legacy were the first list he queried in the system and he needed not to call up any others.

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Just before he'd been forced, rather suddenly, to leave the Uss August he'd received the transfer orders for the squadron to be transferred off the August onto the new Starbase 801 or "Legacy".

After he'd left there'd been surprisingly little information he could obtain about what happened to the August and to the squadron. Though the Starbase didn't mention the name “Shepherds” anywhere the Starbase did have an opening for a fighter squadron leader.

Applying for and acquiring the Squadron Leader job of the fighter squadron "the Shepherds" which he held before his extended leave of absence is his first goal right now.

In that job Zoteke plans to get the required training to rise the ranks and follow the command track, ultimately (hopefully) becoming the first Starfleet Captain having risen through the ranks from private to master sergeant, through Lieutenant up to Captaincy.

Of course his resolve not to let anything part him from his son makes for an extra set of problems in the road to that goal.
Hobbies & Interests His work is his hobby though if he has some spare time he loves to play around with ancient earth computer technology. Specifically the software of the early 21st to early 23rd century fascinates him immensely. He likes to be around other people socially but his immersion in his work prevents him from frequently socializing. When he isn't flying he is usually found either being with his son or figuring out how to make himself, his plane or it's systems perform better in flight or fight.

Personal History Born on Ktaris Zoteke had a sheltered life with his parents until adulthood (which is at age 9 due to their rapid growth). He went to basic, middle and highschool developing an interest in software and engineering and chose that for his studies in college. Graduating second in his class he decided to honor his father and join the Marines like his father had before him. He planned to do one or two tours of duty until he had matched the rank his father had held; sergeant. Things worked out differently though. As a private he was known to be fearless and heroic by some and reckless and stupid by others.

He came out of Marine Bootcamp promoted to private 1st class and soon afterward he got promoted to lance corporal when the corporal in his platoon made Corporal.

He went through his share of battles and skirmishes earning the rank of Corporal and his time in the shadowy world of intelligence and black ops earned him the ranks of sargeant and staff-sargeant.

His age and experience then earned him the honor of turning raw recrutes into Marines and with it the rank of Gunnery Sargeant.

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That had been 2 years ago. He had met his wife, married her and she had become pregnant so he had hoped to find a nice quiet assignment to some backwater sector in the Federation where he and his wife could raise their child in relative peace while he worked some deskjob for the core.

The assignment to starbase 938 had been close enough he had thought, nicely stuck in a hardly travelled area of space with nothing important enough nearby for someone to come and try to take it. It wasn't on any of the routes traveled by Starfleet or any other vessels and the only reason for the starbase to be there was the fact that empty or not, it was Federation space. Their happiness together lasted until 8 months ago.

The attack had come without warning and had been devastating. None of the primary systems on the station had worked anymore and the station was venting atmosphere in an alarming rate. The first strike had cost his wife, mother and father their lives and only because his son had insisted on him taking the little 2 year old for a walk around the petting zoo were he and his son still alive. Noticing most Officers were in the process of heading to the nearest escape pods disgusted him, as he hadn’t heard any orders to abandon the station, He realized the station was lost and with his son in his arms he ran towards the first open escape pod he came across. The Ensign inside saw him running towards them then ducked inside and closed the hatch just one second before he reached the pod. . Stunned he watched as the tiny capsule launched off into space and was immediately fired upon by one of the destroyers or cruisers in the alien fleet that had attacked the station. Two minutes later the tiny bubble of metal erupted into a cloud of expanding gasses and organic matter. ]

He knew he had to find a way to safety at least for his son and had started to run through the sections of the space-station until he came across a shuttle/fighter-bay.

Seeing the open cockpit, a classic two sitter with a pilot in front of a weapons or mission specialist, he was strapping in his son in the backseat before becoming consciously aware of what he was planning on doing.

Sinking into the pilot seat a sense of serenity, confidence and clarity enveloped him he;d never though possible and he truly felt his body, mind and the fighter merging into one single entity. As he launched into space in that little cockpit together with his son, his wife and parents victims of whatever alien race had attacked the station he knew he had only one more reason left to live or fight and that was the little kid sitting in the seat behind him happily blabbering away and uttering ooooh's and aaah's with every flash and soundless explosion he saw. The ignorance of bliss, but he felt the sorrow and pain of the loss for the both of them. He knew he had now only one purpose: his son but he knew something else as wel:

He was born to fly.

Before making a break for safety Zoteke managed to take out 4 enemy vessels and protect 4 federation shuttles filled with space-station survivors trying to escape the station and the alien attackers.

The loss of his wife (and parents) hit Zoteke hard and nearly broke his wil to live. He took up all the leave time he had saved up over the years and spent it all with his son and inside cockpits of every shape and size flying anything and everything he could lay his hands on. It helped Zoteke and Ahrund to at least partially process the loss of his wife. When his leave was up he returned to the marine core to learn they too had recognized his talent in the cockpit and were eager to make good use of it. He was commentated and promoted for his heroic effort to protect the fleeing shuttles during the alien attack and holds the rank of Master Sergeant.His orders are to go to Memory Alpha where the USS Redshirt, a Nova Class refit, would be picking up him and his son as well as 3 brand new and cutting edge fighter-craft.

After the Borg incursion and battle at Memory Alpha Zoteke signed up with the USS August. Marine soldier and Marine fighter pilot as the situation called for a short while he was quickly named Squadron leader of the USS August's Shepherds, the fighter-squadron of Peregrine fighter and the Sparrow fighter, an experimental fighter that replaced a destroyed peregrine during the Borg encounter at Memory Alpha.

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Issues surrounding his son forced him to take an extended leave of absence just after the incident's during the August's "first contact" mission and just before it's arrival at Starbase 801

Service Record 4 years Active Response division..
7 years Deep Space 3
2 years USS Brabant
1 year USS Holland
5 years StarBase 938
<1 year Uss August
Currently assigned to Starbase 801 as Squadron commander.