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Civilian Bloc House of wISuq

Name Bloc Son of Quch House of wISuq

Position Civilian

Second Position Bartender

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi-Klingon hybrid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 2,07m
Weight 98Kg
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Bloc has the height and physique one would expect from a Klingon. Broad shoulders and chest, thin weist and powerfull muscular legs. His head bears more resemblence to his Ferengi side with large ears, no hair and skullsize to fit the three loabed brain inside. His forehead has the Klingon ridges but his face is otherwise characteristicly Ferengi. His normal voice is low, loud and gruff but able to pitch up to accomodate the various levels of Ferengi expressions of fear.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Quch, son of wISuq
Mother Heleen
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Member of the Klingon house of wISuq on his father's side. On his mother's side there is little information about relatives as his mother was orphaned at a very early age. Being raised on Qu'Nos until he was 17, being an only child and his Grandfather being master of the House of wISuq he is second in line to be master of the house of wISuq.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Many mistake Bloc's outwardly careless demeanor as indicative of a simple soul. The truth is that he's a complicated person with a matching complicated personality.

His youth was spent on Qu'Nos and he was raised to be a Klingon warrior. This forms the core of his personality upon which he expanded.

When he reached adulthood he decided to move to Ferenginar, against his mother's wishes but, with his father's approval and attend the Ferengi school of commerce. After some difficulties in the beginning the Ferengi roots in him became part of his personality forming what Bloc himself likes to call "an honest entrepreneurial individual who can rip your head off if you double-cross him"

He is known to conduct business no different than he conducts battle. Usually shocks and awes his opposites in business negotiations.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has "the Lobes for business" as the Ferengi say and enjoys making a profit. Unlike Ferengi though his Klingon sense of honor and warrior blood take precedence over the Ferengi lust for profit. He loves a good fight but can also enjoy a game of dabo or Tongo. These things are both strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. Most Klingons feel he is not fully Klingon but dare not say that to his face, knowing they'd be challenged to combat and probably loose in honerable combat. Ferengi feel he is nothing like a Ferengi and avoid doing business with him. His considerable wealth and long list of sucessfull business deals demand respect from most Ferengi despite that view of him though. The result is remarkable man with connections and good standing in both the Klingon Empire and the Ferengi Alliance mostly known for the neutrality in the wars and conflicts that mostly put those two political entities on opposite sides of conflict.
Ambitions In line with his heritage Bloc wants to be an honorable warrior who dies in honorable combat, but with gold pressed latinum filled pockets and bank accounts. He has poured all his fortune in acquiring ownership of part of Starbase Legacies civilian area's and taken on the responsibility of managing the Civilian part of Starbase Legacy. He is bound by the laws of the Federation but has certain liberties in the parts of the Station he actually bought from the Federation which, being stretched for resources, was happy to take the large amount of compensation Bloc offered as well as handing off the cost of maintenance for those areas to a third party. Confident he can balance keeping the Federation happy as Civil Administrator while making an enormous but honest profit from the exploitation of the area's he owned without getting tangled in conflicts of interest he plans to make Starbase Legacy famous across the Alpha and Beta quadrants as well as a prime destination for tourists across the Galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Bloc likes to keep in shape and improve his skills in hand to hand combat by running simulated battles and such on the holo-deck. He also enjoys spending time at any dabo wheel he doesn't own or taking money from Ferengi playing Tongo. He loves a good story like any Klingon as well as a good business deal like any Ferengi. An odd interest which seldom leaves the confines of his mind is comparing his first impression of people with the actual personality of those people. These days he rarely comes across individuals that surprise him and force him to adjust his initial opinion of them.

Personal History His mother was adopted by Phebens when the Merauder which crew her parents were part of crashed on Pheben II. She lived most of her life as part of this jeghpu'wI' civilization. When Quch, son of wISuq became governor of the region she lived in she became part of his servant workforce. Eventually the, incredibly unlikely and improbable, couple grew to love each other and Quch took Heleen to be his mate shocking many a Klingon. Those shocked would be even more so upon learning that the union produced an offspring soon after.

Quch decided to move back to Qu'Nos so his child could grow up to be a true Klingon warrior who could fulfill the task of heading the House of wISuq after his death. Instead of persuing a career in the Imperial Defense Force Bloc chose to learn about the other half of his roots and bought himself into the Ferengi academy of Commerce, which resulted in a five year period in which his mother refused to speak to him. After graduating Bloc decided neither of the two cultures that spawned him would ever completely accept him and to strike out on his own, not pledging allegiance to either the Klingon Empire or the Ferengi Alliance. He jokingly calls himself a Ferrengon when asked what species he belongs to.

At this point in his career he has amassed quite a fortune most of which he invested in acquiring the property he owns and exploits on Legacy. The provision he took responsibility for managing civilian matters on Legacy was compromise he hadn't expected and sometimes puts him in the position of having to make choices that do not make a profit. His Klingon sense of honor allows him to be able to make the right choice most of the time when faced with such choices.
Service Record Klingon Defense Force academy graduate
Ferengi School of Commerce graduate
Started "Block Enterprises" at age 23.
Purchased real estate on Starbase Legacy.
Named Manager of Civilian matters on Starbase Legacy.