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Posted on Friday February 14th, 2014 @ 8:06pm by Civilian Bloc House of wISuq

Bloc wore the concerns he was cultivating that day on his face through a scowl. Peasy had noticed it as soon as he'd entered Bloc's office with the financial reports for the opening night of Bloc's Legacy and remarked "Is that a hangover you're beaming your anger at or is there a problem i don't know about?"

Truth was that Bloc did have a sizable hangover that wasn't helping his mood any but that wasn't the source of the frown. Like any battle scars and wounds, hangovers were something to be endured with pride and honor. Not sniveled about like some species were known to do. To Peasy he merely said "There might be trouble, but as of yet they neither concern you nor me. And as long as you hand me those reports and follow them up with a cup of strong coffee your day shouldn't be adversely affected by anything related to either my concerns or my hangover."

When Peasy had, after providing the reports and coffee with a devilish smile, left the office Bloc let out a sigh of relief and proceeded to drink down the coffee, two Paracetamol pills and followed that up with about a liter of cold water. It wouldn't take the hangover away completely but it would make it more endurable. He then went over the sensor data that the machinery of clandestine nature was recording again. There was a buzz he had noticed throughout the station all morning and it seemed to have a representation in the sensor-data as well.

The raw data was bereft of any kind of screening and therefore difficult to interpret but, having experience with large amounts of numerical data going through financial reports and analysis, Bloc was certain he saw correlations and connections through the whole of the sensors different data sources.

What had peaked his concern at first had been the motion related sensors. Where the detection of motion without detection of anything moving had been a rare occasion it now seemed to occur constantly in some border regions and the amount of subspace transmissions that were picked up but to encrypted to make sense of had grown in quantity as well. After correlating that data with data from other sources and of different form Bloc couldn't escape the conclusions he had formed in his mind.

The amount of movement of cloaked vessels in most of the 'border' regions had increased significantly and there was considerable secretive communications going on between all players of the region. There were transmissions that were most probably headed to the Klingon territories but there were as many going in the Romulan's direction. It seemed though that Starfleet to had more secret conversations than they used to have of their own.

He looked up from the screens of Data as he noticed something in his peripheral vision to see the now familiar and swift depositing of a person by means of a Section 31 transporter. His heart skipped a beat as he noticed the agent's luscious and curvaceous features and recognized the woman that'd contacted him last time he had contact with s31.

His concerns, spawned from the sensor data, had now been justified and Bloc knew for certain something big was brewing and he feared that the good omens and vibes from the Opening night might not have longevity in their future. The smile on the agents face both excited him and scared the crap out of him simultaneously....

--to be continued--


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