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Ahrund Pewsonal Log stardate... now...

Posted on Saturday February 15th, 2014 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan

Paddy, start recording log.

I have much done today! I been really busy, just like daddy do..s.. does... whatever...

Because daddy say... said.... was saying when we was doing breakfist.... oh i had meatballs on my sandwiches YEEEEEEY cause they be were made by Grandma!! She has give the meatbals from the pan to the mail man and he bringed... brought... the mailman came here to give the balls to daddy and he did them on the sandwitches for breakfist!!! Isn't that cool? yes it is!

anyway a litle bit back to the thing i was said... saying to you paddy, my daddy said that when you busy, really good busy a lot, than you make the time go fast! And then time goes soooooo fast that between daddy go to working and came... coming to get me out of care prison... oh i am not allowed to say that anymore because daddy say it not prison. I still not ackry... agree.... i can not go out of careplace when i am bored, so i think it prison... anyway i have all the day done all kinds of thinks to keep really good busy all the time and i think i'm not doing it good enuft,,, eeh enough... because daddy stil was away for many long time hours.. ten or something. So i not maked... make did not... hrrgg... i did not make time faster.... so tomorrow me go.. i am to make me busy more... myself more busy even.. yes thats it...

Goodnight Paddy!... oh forgot to say to you i gived... gave... yeah i gave my PADD a name, and its PADDY!!! But you already know.. you are Paddy! ..... *five seconds of silence*

Huh... anyway, goodnight Paddy! Watch for bad things okay?



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