Another impact on the surface of the sofa

Posted on Friday March 7th, 2014 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan

===Personal log lt. Zoteke Madwan, sd 241010.16===
And another day has come to an end for fam. Madwan. I've thrown my inhouse tornado into bed and i'm sure he's well on his way to dreamland. I myself have gratefully let my royal white behind impact the sofa like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and have no doubt the great black hole of silence will gobble me up in no time as soon as i end recording this log entry.

Hopefully this time I'll make it to my bed before my fatigue surrenders to sleep.

It's a good kind of tired though. Every effort myself and Jason have put into getting the squadron into an effective and powerful asset to Starfleet and the Base have been translated in tireless dedicated work by our pilots and the results fill me with pride and satisfaction.

Over the past few weeks since the rise in tensions in this region with the romulans and the Klingons Jason and me have worked together to mash out standard procedures for the squadron to learn and drilled the squadron intensly to make them second nature. Both me and Jason are pretty confident that any situation occurring will be correctly responded to by our pilots.

Besides the drilling of standard procedures and maneuvers we've also held regular 'war games' in the simulator as well as in the local area around the base to hone the pilot's skills in the almost lost art of dogfighting. In these days, in space, the computer technology and massive amounts of power needed and available to most starship that get involved in armed conflict increased the distance between fighting vessels to well beyond visual range generally speaking.

This means theres a zone close to any target vessel in which targeting of a small and swiftly maneuvering fighter-vessel is difficult at best. This is why dogfighting, fighting at close range, is in our view the best way to take advantage of the fighter-craft's advantages. I am proud to say that our squadron is comprised of the top-guns of Starfleet.

As for that little of my life left after my work with the squadron i must say that it has become more interesting of late. My son has become friends with a kid and regularly goes out to play at the kid's quarters or the kid comes over to ours and the kid's mother is, to understate it, very pleasing to the eye. She also has a kind of personality that I'm comfortable being around, has a unique and fresh perspective on things and i can have a good conversation with her. Most importantly she doesn't mind being around me, even likes my company. We've even gotten comfortable with each other to the point that she picks up Ahrund from school when i'm unable to because of my duty roster and vice versa.

She's even agreed to take care of Ahrund in emergency situations when i'm unable to and we've worked out a little special plan to make sure she and the kids are together whenever a real crisis occurs involving a small, but terribly expensive, site to site personal transporter module which the kids wear on them whenever they're not with one of us. With one press of a button... well three presses actually, both kids get instantly transported to where ever the core transponder is located, which is in her possession.

The most remarkable of all is that this lady, who's stirring thoughts i've not had since my wife died... thoughts i've not even had about Janice.... this lady is an Orian Dabo girl working a Bloc's! Can you imagine? Me, a starfleet officer bred out of the mud from the Marine core, having genuine feelings and hopes for a future for a dabo girl.... an Orian dabo girl.... I know i couldn't before i met Analeh!

Well, i better get myself in to my bed. Tomorrow is another busy day.
===End log==