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Opening Night of "Bloc's Legacy"

Posted on Sunday February 9th, 2014 @ 8:30pm by Civilian Valoru & Captain Nicholas Teron & Lieutenant Commander Ian Grant & Lieutenant James Cho & Lieutenant Milo Landry & Civilian Bloc House of wISuq & Civilian Joel McCleary

Mission: Special Occasions
Location: Bloc's Legacy bar/casino/hotel
Timeline: Stardate 241010.16

==== Bloc's Legacy, SB801 ====

Leaning back against the back counter behind the main bar, standing still for the first time since the doors of the establishment opened three hours earlier Bloc's head started to spin, sweat poring from every pore and he started to breath heavily. Would Bloc have been human his skin would be as pale as it could possibly be. It was like standing up to quickly, only lasting longer. It wasn't that Bloc was ill or anything. It was relief that flushed over him like a tsunami.

The tables on the ground floor were all occupied, averaging 2 people per table. On the upper floors some booths were filled as well and the casino part of the place managed to produce cheers that could be heard over the music the DJ was mixing up just above the dance-floor area.

Normally a noise cancellation screen would separate the "club" area of Bloc's place from the rest of the place so the pumping beats wouldn't drive off the customers who didn't appreciate hard baselines at 130 to 250 beats per minute. Tonight however was opening night and the DJ had strict instructions to take it easy, around 120bpm, and the screen was turned off.

The waiters and bar-staff were constantly on the move serving drinks, picking up glasses and cleaning tables and his casino manager had reported that the payout rate hadn't exceeded the 30% mark.

Opening night was turning out to be a success and people seemed to enjoy themselves and likely to be recurring visitors.

Up until that moment, leaning back against the counter, Bloc hadn't realized how tense and nervous he had been, and how much he had feared there wouldn't be any customers interested in his establishment.

He had spent the day before flooding all public area's on all levels with ladies handing out flyers, and had placed holographic projectors in all of the public civil places he had rights to showing commercials enticing folks to come to opening night offering free spins at dabo wheels and free drinks under certain circumstances.

He had spent almost all his wealth acquiring the rights here on Legacy, made a deal with the devil to get the construction work done as quickly as it had been done. He'd agreed to pay a percentage of profits from the place to acquire the furniture and cutlery to be able to run the operation and had gone through hundreds of job interviews with his assistant Peasy to make sure the staff working for him were the best in the business. But until that moment he had no idea if Bloc's Legacy Hotel/Bar/Casino, subsidiary of the Ferengon Legacy Corporation, would make him money or not.

It took a full five minutes before the sweating stopped, the spinning stopped and his breathing normalized. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed but he couldn't see anything to indicate that. A smile crept onto his face at that realization. It meant his staff was handling the operation of the place just fine, and he'd chosen his people well.

He decided he'd stroll through the place casually and randomly ask people if they were having a good time, introduce himself as the owner and proprietor of the establishment.

Joel just casually walked in to scope the scene. It was a rare day off for him, considering his 'other' job. He looked around the place and......he liked it. Joel had a credit padd on him and wanted to try his luck at the tables, but he didn't see any poker tables. So he sought out a host. "Hi," he said, "where's your poker tables at?"

Bloc recognized the man immediately as the operator of the Galaxy's Edge, the restaurant on the upper level promenade. He had looked in to the other civil businessmen that had shops, restaurants and other enterprises running on Legacy when he came to the starbase. He had quickly determined this man was one he wished to have no quarrel with. Simply because of the lack of information Bloc was able to dig up.

"Ah Welcome to Bloc's Legacy sir. The casino area is over there" Bloc pointed towards the area with the dabo wheels, card tables and other means of making the house profit.

"I believe there is room at the in the back to the left. The other tables have games ranging from baccarat, blackjack or Tongo to JoChaltie or BhiNgo." Bloc explained. Then he narrowed his eyes in a conspiratory manner. "I can always arrange more private settings if you are interested in more exciting games among more... experienced players... for a fee" Bloc said.

Joel nodded and said, "You must be Bloc. I'm Joel, owner of the Edge." He extended his hand as a sign of friendship.

Bloc took the hand firmly and shook it, knowing enough of human customs to know that was seen as a good thing. He'd not quite understood why though. He also knew that this man could be one of the bigger problems in his business plan. Having the main food and drinks establishment on the main promenade, having to compete with his business could cut into profits. Being on the lower levels Bloc hoped the two businesses would compliment each other.

Again, welcome to my place. I hope you'll find mine targets a different category of customers from yours." Bloc said.

Joel nodded and said, "I can see that. May I have a gander at your liquor list?"

"I generally like to work with the shops and facilities," Joel explained, "to help bolster sales on all our behalves. Whatever we don't have in terms of drinks, I send them over to you, even if it means losing a sale." Joel pondered for a moment. "What other services do you offer?" he asked.

Bloc smiled. This was a man he could learn to like. "So far we're offering the games in the casino, rooms for conferences, private games and the like, and the entertainment you see here. Soon though we hope to add holodeck entertainment and hotel lodging to the list.... i also pride myself in providing more... private desires, with the right motivation of course." Bloc told the human.

Joel nodded. "Cool," he said, "What's your kitchen like?" Joel asked, adding, "I'm not meaning to poke around or anything."

Bloc nodded, understanding the reason for asking the question. The Edge was a full fledged restaurant and another place where breakfast, lunch and or dinner was offered would potentially cut into the number of customers frequenting the Edge.

With a smile Bloc said "We do have some food items on offer from our kitchen but none of it qualifies as a full meal. We have deep fried snacks, sandwiches and a small replicator unit which enables us to keep customers from leaving because of hunger but i doubt hunger will ever be what drives our clients to come here."

Bloc then spread his arms to indicate all of Bloc's Legacy and said "Bloc's Legacy hasn't got the atmosphere that provides for a nice quiet meal either don't you agree? It's much more of a place to go to after dinner and relax... or look for exciting entertainment." the smile growing as he himself realized the vibe of cheerfulness and excitement that seemed to fill the place.

Cheers of joy from winning gamblers sounded frequently above the music which almost but not completely drowned out the general buzz of people talking and generally having a good time. From the casino the vibe was decidedly one best described with exciting as people took a chance at winning or loosing games of chance. In the sitting area's the vibe was more subdued with people sitting at their tables nursing their drinks either engaged in "People watching" or in conversations with others at their table.

With the rare exception of some less fortunate players, leaving the casino area after loosing a small or sizable portion of their wealth, the faces of the customers wore happy cheerful expression. The club area with the dance floor area could best be described as having a party atmosphere. The general feeling in the bar area, where they were themselves, could be best described as "cozy". Waiters threaded their way throughout Bloc's Legacy either bringing drinks to customers or bringing empty glasses and orders for replacements to the bar.

Bloc regarded the Proprietor of the Edge for a moment and then seemed to decide something. He poured Joel a double single malt Glenn Fiddich 25 year old whiskey and placed a credit chit next to the glass. He then offered it to Joel saying “I think that we should choose another moment to have a talk about where our businesses overlap and where not, and you should take this opportunity to truly try and enjoy my establishment. On the Chit is 3 slips worth of Casino credit spendable at any of the Casino tables. I suggest the booth currently marked Poker game II. It should prove.. exciting...” with a wink. Bloc hoped the man would be open to less public matters.

He'd have to check later what Joel did with the credit though as his attention was required elsewhere, specifically the sound of falling glass at the end of the bar.
“If you'll excuse me” said Bloc as he went to see what had fallen and why.

Nick came walking through the doors to this new casino resort that seemed to have sprung up overnight. ~"When did my station turn into Las Vegas?"~ he thought to himself as he looked around the place. He'd yet to meet Bloc formally, and it was high time he corrected that. This would be run as an above board gaming establishment, or else he'd board it personally and have Bloc tossed out the nearest airlock.

Bloc noticed the Captain coming in and excused himself before moving to intercept the highest authority on the starbase. He 'appeared' beside Captain Teron and as Teron noticed Bloc he said "Captain Teron, may i welcome you to my new establishment. I am so glad to finally meet you in person! May i offer you the first drink on the house and a credit chit for a chance in our casino?". Bloc had decided to take the business approach and treat the man as he would a vip guest or high roller. The man had yet to meet him in his capacity as Civil administrator and maybe that was the way the Captain preferred their relationship.

Nick extended his hand and firmly shook Bloc's. "It seems I'm a little late to the party Mr. Bloc, but it is a pleasure to finally meet you," Nick said amiably. There was no sense in starting out on the wrong foot with the man. Nick had an innate distrust of both the Klingons and the Ferengi, and here this man was a hybrid of the two. No, Nick would keep his distrust to himself until Bloc gave him a reason not to trust him.

At the profuse offerings coming from the bar owner he simply raised his hand. "No, thank you, but I'd have a hard time turning down a good Romulan Ale."

Just before the synapses connected with Bloc's muscles to put his commands into actions there was an interruption that almost startled him and it took Bloc effort to restrain his reaction to the interrupting voice to merely turning his head towards its direction.
"I was under the impression Romulan ale was banned, Captain."

The Chief of Security no less appeared behind the pair - seemingly from nowhere - his sleek black hair in it's typical ponytail and hands folded in front of him, his crisp English accent disarming and eyes calculating and sweeping the area.

Bloc found this development fascinatingly interesting and would tell him a lot about how he'd be operating the bar/hotel/casino part of his business but his other, yet unknown, business adventures.

One thing was already abundantly clear. The Chief of Security was a rules freak through and through and would undoubtedly cause him much grief and loss of profit. If he'd be a detrimental influence on the loose and friendly if not personal character of the bar area in Bloc's Legacy or not would apparently be up to the Captain's taste for good Romulan Ale.

If the Captain agreed with the Chief and turned back on his request for a good Romulan Ale, which Bloc had an excellent stock of carefully concealed inside a sensor shielded colled lock box underneath the bar, then the sad truth would be that Bloc's Legacy would soon have the festive party atmosphere of an ambassadorial celebration on Binar.

If the Captain however opted to let little things like a bit of Ale and (the admittedly already served at large) real versions of all the drinks on sale including real alcohol (which while not specifically illegal was preferred in most Federation bars and restaurants) the atmosphere would be wound down and relaxed at most times, neither clients nor proprietor constantly looking out for the law.

When Cho's question had reached it's intended target, Bloc was more than happy to wait and see what the, two probably most influential to Bloc's current and future business, Starfleet officers would work out in the next few seconds.

Nick smiled without turning to face his security chief. "Some rules were meant to be broken, Mr. Cho... Call it captain's prerogative. How long have you been standing around back there anyways?"

"Long enough, Captain. But it'll be our little secret - as long as your prerogative extends to myself." James replied, becoming infected with the mirth of the opening night and leaving a massively obvious hint as his statement upended in a question.

The smile that'd been on Bloc's face somehow seemed to breach the barriers around his eyes at that while his right arm opened the lockbox built into the underside of the bar and on touch found the bottle of the best Romulan ale he'd been able to lay his hands on in years.

With a bit of a dramatic flair he let the bottle rise into the Captain's view and then filled three snifters with the richly colored, flavored and alcohol contented liquid. He offered one to the Captain, held one in front of the Chief of Security and, with the hand freed when the Captain took his glass, Bloc decided he'd take that moment to allow himself a small drink at the good start that Bloc's Legacy's opening night was becoming. He felt he deserved a little pickmeup at that moment.

Holding up his glass to the others he said "To a good and profitable future for us all" he said, and proceeded to down the glass in one gulp.

James Cho, typically removed and aloof only showed emotion through his eyebrows. Yet he decided to not show weakness in a den of thieves and emptied the glass in a similar fashion.

Awhile later, the establishment's door opened again welcoming Milo and younger lady. This may be the first time anyone saw him out of his uniform. He had a nice soft colorful floral patterned button up shirt and a pair of tan slacks. Milo's face seemed to indicate a certain level of caution. While his guest offered a complete contrast to him as she drank in the sudden energy of the music as her eyes took in the splendor of the atmosphere. Standing a couple of inches taller than Milo, she had similar facial features. She wore a short vibrant blue dress that made her eyes stand out. Her long raven black hair was drawn up in a pony tail.

She immediately pulled at Milo's arm dragging him further and to an empty table where they sat. She looked around excitedly.

"Don't get carried away here Maddey, this isn't Risa." Milo told her.
"Don't sweat the small stuff. Have fun for a change it'll do you some good. You see anyone i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g?" She made sure to elongate the last word to emphasis her feeling that Milo should be with someone.
"Maddey! Let's just have a fun night together. I'm not looking to meet anyone new." Milo eyed her critically.
"This place is busy! Maybe I should get us some drinks at the bar. Hang on!" She exclaimed.

And without another word, she left Milo at the table. He still felt unsure about being here after his suspicions about the proprietor but he had promised his sister an evening of fun and left her making all the arrangement. He looked around to see if he would recognize anyone.

Commander Grant, meanwhile, had slipped into the bar area, accompanied by a trio of fellow officers.

"So, Commander," the human female in the group said, emphasizing the rank, "How are you liking your assignment? Bored being in the same place everyday?"
"I am sure," the Vulcan lieutenant with them began,"Commander Grant's duties are extensive enough to give him little time for boredom, Lieutenant Traviss."
"Thanks Sovok," Ian replied, smirking a bit, "But I know what Kate meant. I really dunno if I miss being on a ship all the time. It's different, that much is true."
"I know I couldn't do it," the Andorian zhen said, "I'm too used to being able to look out the windows and see different stars everyday."
"So you're not going to transfer to ESD after your tour on the Hamilton is over then, Tana?" Grant asked with a grin.
"Hah! No. Now enough talking. I seem to recall a tradition requiring the ranking officer to get the first round," she replied, raising her eyebrows at Ian.

Ian raised his hands in mock surrender, then set about weaving through the crowd to the bar.
"Five of...huh," he paused, then rotated on the spot to look at the entire gathering.
"Actually," he began again, leaning forward and lowering his voice, "Make sure everyone has a fresh drink for me."

A few minutes later, they did, and Grant picked up his own drink with a smirk.

"Mr. Bloc!" he called out, raising his voice to be heard above the din.

The entire bar quickly quieted, and he continued, "I'll be the first to admit I had my doubts about your plans for this place. But, and pay attention ladies and gentlemen, this isn't something you're likely to hear from me very often...I was wrong!"

He paused for a moment, grinning. "And I'm very happy I was! Here's to Bloc's Legacy, Cheers!"

Bloc, who was filling an order for one meter of beer for a civilian customer, stopped what he was doing for a moment and took one of the glasses he'd filled raising it into the air. “Thank you mr. Grant! And thanks to everyone else who participated in making this evening one of the most pleasurable I can remember. If tonight is any indication, Bloc's Legacy and yours truly will be happy and proud to continue to contribute to the “soul” of Starbase 801 Legacy for a long long time. And with that said, its my turn to say something you won't likely hear very often from my mouth. NEXT ROUND IS ON THE HOUSE!”

Cheers went up throughout the establishment at that and the evening lasted until the very wee hours of the morning.


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