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Prelude to Injustice

Posted on Sunday February 9th, 2014 @ 8:54pm by Commodore Berel Joon

Mission: Trouble Brews
Location: Earth Space Dock, SFHQ
Timeline: SD241102.09

=== ESD, SFHQ ===

"I contend that we have to keep this project going," said the rather plump flag officer. "It is not a question of how well we look, but how well we survive."

Another of the admiralty chimed in, a female this time. She tended to be a voice of reason in these meetings the small group was having. "But then again, the commodore has a point. The location in question is right near the neutral zone. We cannot ignore the fact that if this blew up on us, it could... blow up quite well."

The plump admiral chortled. "That's why we have crew to clean things up if needed."

Joon could keep silent no longer. He was low man on the totem pole in this group, and normally, as fiery as he could get, kept quiet in the meetings. "Oh come on," he said, putting a padd down on the desk rather hard. The shadows in the room made the meeting seem even more undermining to the Starfleet ideals than Joon was actively feeling. "You're talking scapegoats, undue blame, Section 31 for crying out loud. We've had enough to deal with, and many captains out there are beginning to wonder about Starfleet's motives when things like Section 31 and the Undine come into the question."

The plump admiral shook his head. "We're not talking about Section 31 or the Undine, Berel, and you--"

"I know," Joon interrupted rather upset at this point. "But that's what it might take if this goes south. We all know it." He looked over at the female who gave a bit of a concerning look to him - agreeing with him mostly.

Joon stood and began to pace. "Listen, we have to be extra careful that this is going to go the way we want it to... nay, need it to. If there is ANY doubt in this room, we need to go to Starfleet Command."

"Never!" said the plump admiral, slamming his fist down. "They may as well all be Undine and sniveling little Klingon or Romulan spies for all we know."

The female raised a hand to Joon. "That's the commodore's main point, admiral. What you just said is what many wonder as well."

The plump man breathed in and sighed an exhale. "Alright, I do have doubts... but just one, and that's how to implement phase 2 once we've let the Targ out of the bag, so to speak."

Joon shook his head, still pacing. "And that's why we have to be cautious... those doubts could cost lives, including everyone in this room, mind you." He paused. "Listen, put it off for a month. Let's meet them and see if there are more certainties we can gain. I'll do it myself!"

The fat one shook his head in response. "No, we cannot put it off any longer. They're ready, the device is ready, the timing is perfect. If we wait more than a couple more days we lose our chance."

Joon sighed. "I can't..." He paused his pacing and picked up his padd, tapping a few buttons after some flashing red lights caught his attention. "Wait a minute..."

"I'm sorry, Berel," said the fat one. "We knew you two," he said motioning to the female, "would object and ask for delays. We couldn't risk it."

Joon about exploded... his head almost literally exploded as blood vessels in his brain received an overload of blood, adrenaline, and heat from his sheer anger. "You..." His lips pursed. "You... have gone too far this time, Marek." He turned to leave.

"Just where do you think you're going, Joon," said the plump Marek, now standing as well.

"To save lives..." And Joon left the room.

"He's going to get himself killed anyways... what's the point."

The female shook her head. "There were other ways... I think the risks are great than this project. I, for one, am going to enable one of my personal safe houses." She stood to leave as well. "Wish I could say it was nice working with you all..."

There were a couple other admirals in the room who remained with Marek, giving no indication of their opinions. But they remained. Marek just looked on and watched.

=== SFHQ Lobby ===

Joon stormed out of the building, all but resigning there on the spot. He, too, had a safehouse, but he was not about to engage that like his one friend on the group. Instead, he had plans.

"Get me Captain Teron on Starbase Legacy," he said into his badge after a tap.

There was a chirp. =^= I'm sorry, but the captain has fallen ill again. He is scheduled to be moved back to ESD Medical tomorrow. =^=

Joon thought that was all resolved, but he guessed not. "Fine, umm..." He searched his own mental memory banks. "Commander Grant and Lieutenant Cho," he said finally.

=^= Their status is nominal, =^= came the reply of his assistant.

"Inform them I will be there today." He kept walking, heading for the main launch area. "And find me that escort ship. Inform its captain we're ready to go NOW."

=^= Aye, commodore. You should be ready to go within the hour. =^=

"Thank you."

Commodore Berel Joon made his way via foot, ground transport, and shuttle to an orbiting vessel. Its captain would be ready, he knew that, although they would have a skeleton crew. That's all they needed now. The transwarp would be readied and they would leave quite soon. Legacy needed his brain, and Marek's plan had to be stopped.


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