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Injustice Begins

Posted on Friday March 7th, 2014 @ 3:12pm by Commodore Berel Joon & Lieutenant Commander Ian Grant & Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan & Lieutenant Azumi Takeda & Lieutenant James Cho & Lieutenant Milo Landry & Lieutenant JG Jason Trask & Civilian Bloc House of wISuq

Mission: Trouble Brews
Location: SB Legacy, Main Operations
Timeline: SD241102.09

=== Main Operations ===

Commander Grant strode into Ops, fingers taping erratically against his thigh. The Captain's medical transport had left for Earth just fifteen hours ago, and their section of the Neutral Zone had been disconcertingly quiet for the past few weeks.

A summons to Ops, especially one concluded with the phrase 'As soon as possible' was therefore an unexpected, though not entirely unwelcome surprise.

For Lieutenant James Cho, the summons was a mixed blessing - he loathed desk meetings yet he too felt a gut instinct that something was just over the horizon. As the security chief swept through into Grant's presence, a hope that together they could pin down and grasp the situation with both hands during Captain Teron's absence.

Joon entered shortly after the other two and gave a mostly-fake smile as he went to the main command table. "Gentlemen, greetings again." He set his padd and coffee down. "I'm afraid as Captain Teron's condition worsens, we're going to have to roll without him. He's already being transported back to Starfleet Medical. They think he'll be just fine, but it will take some time."

Berel continued without pause. "Now, I am here not just to help fill in. Commander Grant is capable of course. But we have something more... well..." He fumbled with the words. "Something bigger is going on. Before I go into details, and before a good friend of mine can get up here to operations, let's call in the other senior staff. We will want to have your chiefs of science, medical, and engineering, as well as your squadron commander. Can you get them up here?"

"Of course Sir," Grant replied with a quick nod. He cleared his throat, reached over, and tapped the commbadge fastened to his chest.

"Senior staff, report to Main Operations immediately. Repeat, senior staff to Main Operations."

Just before he could kick in the thrusters to take the Sparrow out of the hanger bay the, irritatingly loud due to the hangover Zoteke was nursing, voice calling senior staff to main operations echoed through the helmet speakeres and deep into his brain. He only briefly considered launching and then asking to be excused due to the time it would take for him to get to ops but he knew he´d never derelict his duty to such an extent. He powered the Sparrow down, notified the rest of the flight to continue without him under Ensign D´Ndirk´s lead and after the canopé opened he got out in a hurry. On the ground he told the engineer to `keep her warm` and that he´d be back as soon as whatever it was that he was called up for had been handled.

He then proceeded to the nearest turbolift, deciding against changing into his normal uniform. Immediately usually meant the command people had little patience to begin with. It wouldn't do to test the quantity of that patience, especially when hungover. Four minutes later Zoteke entered Main Operations and took a position he hoped he would draw the least attention in. He started to note the others in the room and the odd atmosphere that hung over the place.

Azumi took a last gulp of her coffee as the transmission and report she received was transferred to a data padd. She set the empty mug down and looked over at Ensign Kang. "Hank, can you get my another cup? Double the shots of espresso this time... it's going to be a long shift," requested Azumi as she stood up and stretched.

She picked up the padd and headed up to where the 'brass' was gathering. Her objective was easy to spot, as he has the most braid and brass. The Commodore himself. "Sir, Captain T'Morynn has sent this detailed report of the squadron's status to you. She also wanted to notify you that she and the other ships are 'standing by' to execute their mission," cryptically informed Azumi.

Joon nodded. "Noted, thank you."

With her task complete, Azumi left the immediate area of senior officers and headed back to her Ops console with her Ops team.

Milo heard the announcement over the Cargo bay speakerphones. He gave a sigh. He had a station to run and couldn't well drop everything at every moment. He tapped his comm badge and beckoned for a technician to replace him while he was away. The Cargo Bay scanner array where acting up and Security wanted it fixed ASAP. Something about contraband being found by visual inspection after thoroughly scan. In fact for a new station there were far too many problems.

Once the technician showed up to relieve him, he instructed him on what he needed to do. Satisfied that the technician had the issue well in hand, Milo walked out of the cargo bay and to the nearest turbo lift. Stepping in the lift he commanded the computer to bring him directly to Ops. Then he lost himself in his thoughts.

As if he had knew the page was ringing out Jason Trask seemed to appear out of the turbolift. His appearance was by a freak chance as he was running copy's of patrol reports to ops. When he saw the brass he almost dropped them but instead he snapped a salute. "Am i interrupting something sirs, i have recent patrol reports from the squadron... as well as AAR's for the engagement with the rift entity"

Zoteke smiled as he watched Jason from his position in the far back. The young man had picked up his responsibilities as executive squadron leader seriously and truly made life easier for Zoteke, freeing him for the more strategical and tactical matters concerning the squadron.

Berel smiled briefly and curtly as the others arrived. He recognized most of them from their dossiers or from working with them a few months back. Others might trickle in eventually, but he continued.

"The Klingons have undermined us at this point in the war," started the commodore. "And some at Starfleet want to take advantage of it in a not so good way. A very unstable wormhole has been found from deep in Klingon space linking to right over near this station. It is one way for now and it has not been activated yet. However, as I said, some want to see it bidirectionally enabled, or reversed."

The physics involved were ages beyond his comprehension but these were the facts. "Regardless," he continued, "the lives of everyone at this station are impacted. Legacy, whilst mainly a supply station, would be the Klingons' first logical and all but necessary target." He let that last statement linger as he looked around.

Ian's brow furrowed as this new revelation set the wheels turning in his head.

"Do we know where the other terminus is located, exactly?" he asked after a moment. The Empire was a big place after all, and even if the terminus was deep in the Klingon's territory, the chances of them finding it, especially if they didn't know what they were looking for, were slim.

The chief of security up until that point had been focusing on barely tolerating Madwan's presence among the senior officers until he glanced to Grant at the mere mention of Klingon. He was one of the first to notice he was sweating quite profusely, despite the ideal environmental conditions.

Zoteke felt a knot tighten in his stomach and bile rising in his throat. Voices sounded like he was under water, and sweat started to pore from him as if he was singing in the rain. He grabbed the console near by tightly with both hands in an effort to keep from passing out. Only one thing.... one name... one life that filled his thoughts, his feeling and the rest of the entire multiverse at that single point in time for him. He didn't even realize the though he thought was merely a thought was not just thought but a whisper in the silence. "Ahrend!"

Next thing Zoteke's conscience became aware of was the odd notion that it was absolutely wrong for a Marine or a Starfleet officer to regain consciousness in a briefing room setting surrounded by, higher ranking, Starfleet officers. And he also fleetingly wondered if it would be doubly wrong for any man who was both before he sat up and shook his head, noting the sting in the back of it where he must have impacted the deck. He remembered what had happened then. All he could say was "this reminds me of the trust experiment I had in that shrinks office years ago" and twisted his features in a horrible imitation of a smile.

"Medical Emergency... Doctor Renolt, please report to Main Operations," alerted a nearby ensign.

Jason shot a look over to his CO, then was over beside him. "Zoteke, you alright?" he asked.

Zoteke shook his head a little again, as much to check if it'd hurt as much as he suspected it would as to clear the odd 'wooly' feeling that hung in his mind. It was as if his thoughts were packed in fluffy soft wool or something like that. He was rewarded with more intense than expected pain and the disappointing little decrease in wooly-ness.

He then looked at Jason, who'd asked him a question he had trouble remembering. Seconds later he remembered. "I have excruciating pain in my skull, so i'm alive. But even though i have a considerable amount of experience in regaining consciousness and these feelings i have do have some familiarity to them i must admit i can't tell what the hack put me out!"

Joon squinted as the team went into action around the tall alien who fainted. "Good God, man. What happened to you?"

Startled by the realization he was on the floor in front of a Commodore Zoteke almost lay at attention if that is possible.

"Sorry sir, i can't explain it. I know it looks bad, and i admit that i am not completely unaffected by the alcohol i drank last night but this has nothing to do with that, that much i'm sure of." Zoteke explained, his expression baring witness of his sincerity.

"I just felt an overwhelming fear my son would be killed soon and before i knew it i was looking up at you and the ceiling." he answered Joon's inquiry. Then he added "I've been afraid for my son's life before and with much more and more direct reasons to do so. It never influenced my ability to perform my duty sir" while looking somewhat embarrassed.

Berel finally nodded and shook his head at the same time. Confusing. "Get yourself checked out, Lieutenant." He turned to Cho. "And let's get a check run on our environmentals. I don't trust the Klingons."

"Understood sir. I'll run a full security sweep on Mr. Madwan's quarters in tandem with Engineering." The security chief looked down at Zoteke distainfully, unwilling yet ordered to run checks based on a fainting member of the crew.

Joon turned back to Grant finally as well. "And a good question, commander. We don't have an exact location, but..." He tickled the console and the holographic display showed a sphere the size of a small planet, with Legacy nearby as a red beacon. "This sphere shows the area we theorize is this end of the wormhole."

The commodore looked around and caught everyone's eyes in turn. A bead of sweat came down his brow, an empath would pick up on his nerves. "We're going to destabilize that thing if we can... before the Klinks have a chance to swing their blades."

It was then several beacons began to chime on consoles. Berel went to one himself but also asked, "Report?"

The reports came in - cases akin to Madwan's were happening across the station. Fainting, nausea, passing out, black outs. It was random, but they were tracking it through systems.

Berel stepped away from the console and went back to the main command table. He paused dramatically, stoically, intensely, staring off at nowhere in particular. He shook his head and exhaled a loud sigh.

"Mr. Grant, Mr. Cho... prepare to start evacuating the base." Before their queer looks could hit the room he replied even more cryptically. "It has begun..."


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