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Relief Squadron in route

Posted on Friday March 7th, 2014 @ 3:02pm by Commodore Berel Joon & Lieutenant Azumi Takeda

Mission: Trouble Brews
Location: USS Penelope, enroute to Legacy
Timeline: SD241102.09

=== Bridge, USS Penelope ===

Captain T'Morynn took a sip of her tea as she read the various status reports from the other vessels in this makeshift squadron. Her ship, the Penelope, was an older Luna-class vessel with an unassuming history. This suited and fit T'Morynn as she just believed in 'getting the job done'. Flair, Glory, and Fame were *not* the desired end result.

T'Morynn surmised it was also the reason why Commodore Joon had chosen her ship and crew for the mission. Not that she had any choice. In fact, she had to get underway with only half her crew aboard. The other half were on shore leave, but Joon did not want to wait. He gave the Penelope an hour to get mission ready and leave Earth Space Dock. T'Morynn had the Penelope underway in 58 minutes.

She saw Joon step onto the bridge from her missing First Officer's ready room, opposite of hers. Seeing him and likely anticipating his request for an update, T'Morynn stood up.

She was of average Vulcan height, with a lithe build that deceptively was stronger than it looked. Her eyes were a common a deep blue and she had adopted a more human-like hairstyle instead of the typical Vulcan one.

"Sir, the other ships will rendezvous with us at our next way point in exactly 5.8 hours. The USS Callahan, USS Hermes, and USS Ramillies. All are Miranda-class and are currently configured as transports. Among all our ships, we will not have any problems with evacuating all personnel from the station..." reported T'Morynn.

Her tone was matter of fact and even, yet she knew that Joon may not like what she had to report next.

"...the medical team is not aboard the Callahan. They missed the rendezvous, Lieutenant Gora waited for their runabout for fifteen minutes and left without them so he could meet us at the upcoming waypoint. Thus we're limited to half my medical department and whatever staff the Callahan, Hermes, and Ramillies have as a part of their crew..." continued T'Morynn.

Berel was impressed that she had such a grasp of what he wanted to do. He thought they might have to bring a freighter or a Nebula or something. But this plan made them more nimble should things get sour. Then again, they had the Penelope leading the group, whose scientific equipment would come in handy for sure. "Good," is all he managed, knowing she had more.

"We are also short of security personnel, so we are augmenting with volunteers and cross-trained crew. I've also authorized that all officers and NCOs to be armed," concluded T'Morynn.

She didn't know, nor was she curious, as to Joon's desire to expedite this evacuation. T'Morynn, knew that Commodore Joon told her that lives were on the line if they did not make all haste to Legacy.

"That part will be handled by the Legacy staff. They have an astute security chief and a fine fighter squadron, the Shepherds, to escort us."

T'Morynn raised an eyebrow but decided that a response was not being sought and remained quiet. She would still instruct her Chief of Security to have armed security teams posted in all areas deemed vital to her ship's operation, and would advise the other captains to follow suit.

Berel went near the command seat and motioned for her to sit. "Please, I may assume command once in a while, but you know my place is not in the chair all the time." Truth be told, he did like to command ships, and if things got hairy he would do that with one of the others for sure.

T'Morynn simply nodded. She was well versed in protocol, but also knew that Starfleet Admirals were usually "Type A" people. If push came to shove Joon could order her to do something. How she carried out the order with her ship, was entirely up to her. She had the feeling that her ship and crew were heading into danger. The magnitude of it, was a question mark, and the Commodore was holding those cards close to his chest.

Joon nodded and cracked a partial smile. "Alright, let's maintain our course. No need for transwarp, as we'll save the power reserves. Your 6 hour estimate will suffice. So ready when you are."

"Aye, Commodore," nodded T'Morynn as she moved up to her Ops and Helms officers before her. "Miss Larson, maintain course, Warp factor 8. Mister Keely, have all departments check in with their status and have Lieutenant Kashimoto double check our security protocols," ordered T'Morynn.

The Captain saw her Ops officer about to protest but calmly raised her hand. "I am aware of her limited staff and the extra burden on Lara's shoulders due to the 'crash course training' she has to give to the volunteer security personnel. But, the fact remains that we need to ensure that with some five to six hundred civilians aboard, that we maintain control of our ship. That is a priority," lectured T'Morynn.

"Aye, Captain," responded Lieutenant Keely.

T'Morynn conferred with her Tactical officer and Acting Chief Engineer before returning to Commodore Joon's side.

After all the operations approvals were done and the ship cruised at warp, Joon turned to her, taking her XO's seat without asking. "Do we know any more about the status of the Vigilant? I am hoping Commander Grant can take command of her."

"According to records, the USS Vigilant is a Saber-class escort. Though she can carry several hundred personnel in an emergency evacuation, I'd suggest we keep civilians and evacuees off her. That way, we have at least a viable vessel to handle any... unexpected aggressors, that may decide to take advantage of the unforeseen disaster," answered T'Morynn.

Joon nodded. "Your assessment is astute and just as usual. When the time comes, let's prepare the Vigilant as our lead vessel. You will be main support, and the Shepherds can take the flank sides."

"We will do our best, Commodore. And we still have quite an unknown variable, the civilian population. If I were a spy, I would find it an ample opportunity to cause some... chaos," informed T'Morynn.

Berel shook his head. "I hope it doesn't come to that, but we need to be prepared. Best case we burn a hole in that thing and get the heck out. Worst case... well, let's just hope Starfleet received my report before this all happens."

"I get the impression that Starfleet isn't going to be assigning any other assets to this. Then again, it is quite often the case that the left hand doesn't know of the existence of the right hand, let alone it's own 'pinky' per se," remarked Captain T'Morynn.

Joon nodded again. "Indeed. I think if we prepare the Miranda's for civilians and junior officers and supplies, we can use the Vigilant, the Penelope, and the Shepherds as a blanket around them. Let's hope that shields will hold."

With a serene expression, "That would depend on what the shields will have to hold up against," informed T'Morynn.

The commodore sighed, ignoring her implied question, an additional thought coming to mind. "We're prepared for battle. But what about long-term survival? Are we supplied well?"

"Two of the Mirandas had relief supplies aboard. We should be able to redistribute as needed, and with nominal power reserves to the replicators, we will be able to support the evacuees for a period of two months. Four months if we go to emergency rations."

Joon nodded. "Good. Make sure you stay on top of that and delegate should the need arise." The man had many plans in his head for this mission, T'Morynn knowing some but not all. She knew they were probably going to evacuate, she knew they might face Klingons, she knew of the rumored conspiracies. But the source of the real problem was yet to be revealed to anyone outside the inner circle... Not until they arrived at Legacy.


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