Get out now!

Posted on Friday March 14th, 2014 @ 1:27am by Commodore Berel Joon & Lieutenant Zoteke Madwan & Lieutenant Azumi Takeda & Lieutenant James Cho & Lieutenant Milo Landry & Lieutenant JG Jason Trask & Civilian Bloc House of wISuq

Mission: Trouble Brews
Location: SB Legacy
Timeline: SD241102.09

=== Main Operations ===

The reports were coming in fast - replicators, and a bit of ventilation. They were shutting it all down and putting filters in place. But the fact was that something had been let loose in the station which affected a random selection of people.

Joon was right in the middle of it, refusing any kind of mask or protection, other than his mini phaser he always kept in a pocket.

"Mr. Grant and Mr. Cho," the commodore repeated absentmindedly, "please coordinate with Captain T'Morynn to evacuate as soon as possible. We have ships warping in now."

James was glued to his tactical station, Legacy at red alert with weapons online should any particular power choose to take advantage of the situation. However with the general evacuation shields had to remain down for transporters, and that made him both nervous and agitated.
"Yes sir, I have the bulk of my security teams focused on crowd control and speeding the evacuation along as much as possible."

"And get Mr. Bloc on the horn - he can help coordinate civilian evac. We have measures for that as well."

"Sir!" Milo exclaimed from his engineering console. He had been monitoring his techs work at installing these filters and other various stop gap measures. "I am keeping on top of these power fluctuations for now but they are increasing in magnitude and frequency. I'm also loosing members of my team being exposed to this contaminant. Might I suggest we also use the cargo bay transporters to evac the station since I don't know how long I can keep this up."

Joon nodded. "Alright, that's a good idea. Everyone get to it. We need to get everyone off this station and as fast as possible."

=== Deck 14 ===

Bloc had been antsy ever since the rumor had reached him there was an extraordinary amount of ships around the station which, uncharacteristically hadn't docked or sent crew over for shore-leave.

Added to the rumor that the Captain had again gone due some ailment, the rumor a commodore had arrived and Peasy confirming to him that all starfleet department heads had gathered in the facilities main operations was enough to make him decide to pay ops a visit himself.

He'd been meaning to adress the sparse, if any, flow of information from starfleet to his office as the civil administrator of the starbase. He felt that as something was apparently 'up' as humans often stated it, he might as well address it now.

He was just about to step into the turbolift as he noticed startled and scared outcries coming from several directions at once. Looking over his shoulder he saw that some people were lying on the ground, some surrounded by startled and or worried others.

He sighed with relief as he also saw most of the fallen moving and most seemed conscious. Before he could do much thinking about it, much less act on what was going on his comm. Signaled a priority signal from Starfleet Main Operations.

=== Main Operations ===

Joon sighed, seeing the inquiring eyes looking at him as some folks got immediately to work and some stared in awe. "Listen, we thought the Klingons would attack, I thought we could beat them to the punch. I was wrong. They are trying to shut down the base so it is an easy target. We need to leave the base so it is NO target... at least to save lives."

Berel continued. "We have ships standing by. We don't know if the Klinks can navigate the wormhole or not, but we'll need to be prepared for that as well. Mr. Madwan, get your squadron ready for defense and protection. Stat."

The woolliness and any other remnant feelings from his fainting experienced gone instantly as if never there Zoteke immediately snapped into action “Aye sir, we have four fighters out there right now, on patrol or training maneuvers. I'm suited and the Sparrow is still on hot standby. Scrambling the others asap sir!” he replied to the commander, snapping a salute.

In the back of his mind the question which vessels the commodore was referring to vaguely registered for a moment but was swept aside by the thoughts needed for carrying out the orders he'd been given.

Zoteke turned on his heels and sped out of Main Operations, coming the rest of the squadron to execute an emergency scramble immediately. The pilot's responses were swift and efficient, as they'd practiced so many times in the weeks before.

From his position in Ops the security chief hesitated before directing his question towards Joon. Yet having no idea what he would do next, he felt it important to ask, at least to make his job easier.
"Commodore, do you intend to..self-destruct the station?"

The Chief Engineer upon hearing Cho's question shaped his head up from his console and shot a glance towards the Commodore. He had just gotten the station to proper working specs.

Berel shook his head. "No, that's not the intent. But if the Klingons show up, it may not last anyways." He looked at the holomap of the sector and sighed. "I have another target in mind..."

=== Deck 19, Fighter Bays ===

Zoteke and Jason had put the squadron through rigorous training for weeks and established standard procedures for times like this, and many others, and he was confident that by the time he and Jason shot out the hanger bay in their fighters the two fighter wings had formed up and were ready for anything.

That left just one thing for Zoteke to worry about. While he ran he took the little control from his inside pocket he had hoped never to need anymore and keyed the red button three times. The little box dutifully beeped three times and switched the led from red to blue and two seconds later to blue. It told Zoteke all he needed to know; his son was now with Alaneh who'd take care of him best she could.

Minutes later at the most Zoteke took position at the head of the formation of fighters designated Apocalypse, formerly known as Alpha ready to take on any threat that might rear its ugly head.

Jason had his modified peregrine fighter flying as well, the borrowed tech from the Sparrow project had been integrated and was under testing, this was the first time Jason was actually flying the actual setup rather then running it in the simulator and holodecks - so far the field test was going flawlessly as Jason keyed his comms up.

=^= "Trask to Madwan, bravo is in position, my only concern is we don't necessarily have a contingency for long range escort ops. Do we know if the ships that are coming will have spare fuel and ordnance and repair capabilities?" =^=

Jason asked,as he broke ranks to form up on Madwan's Sparrow Jason knew Zoteke was looking over the specs of his XO's fighter.

Interrupted in his scrutiny of the Peregrine's specs, which “felt” like there was something they were missing to Zoteke but didn't really know what caused that feeling, Zoteke thumbed off the spec. listing from the little screen and turned his full attention on the task at hand. He considered the question, rightly raised by his executive. How many ships had the commodore talked about, what kind of ships and how much room did they have for evacuees from the station? What were they supposed to do once the people were off the station? Where would they go and how much of an opposition would they face in pulling it all off?

Zoteke mulled over those concerns raised by Jason in his mind and didn't like the answer he'd have to give and neither did he like the questions that raised in itself. The fact was they knew next to nothing.

On a channel open only to Jason and Zoteke the squadron commander replied.

=^= "As a matter of fact we don't know. Until the, as unexpected as inexplicable, evacuation order and the commodore's mentioning of the ships warping in i didn't know there were ships heading for SB801. Never mind what those ships were coming for, coming with or what ships they are. All we know is we've been order to defend the evacuation procedures and that's what we'll do. And like any good officer that is all we need, orders for us to carry out to the best of our abilities." =^=

After a second of silence Zoteke tried to lighten the mood a bit on the squadron's channel for all the squadron to hear.

=^= "Hey Jason, by the way, you've got to come up with a better name than Beta wing. Apocalypse and Beta just doesn't sound right!" =^=

At about the same time as the civilian privately operated or owned vessels began pouring out and away from Legacy the sensor display lit up with new information and drew Zoteke's eye.

=^= "I'm detecting multiple vessels dropping out of warp bearing 201 mark 4. They're Federation. Must be the ships the commodore mentioned. Beta wing, move to provide cover while Apocalypse maintains standard patrol providing the cover for the starbase." =^= Zoteke ordered.

=== Main Operations ===

Joon looked at the screen and cocked his head. "Wait, those aren't T'Moryn's or mine..." He studied them. "Could they be?"

Berel slammed his fist on the console. "They've arrived!"