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UFPAC STREAM: June 27th 2015
UFPAC June 27th 2015

14:30 PDT • 17:30 EST • 21:30 GMT • 23:30 CET • 07:30 AEST

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The UFPAC is the United Federation of Planets Award Ceremony (pronounced U-F-P-A-C). The event is held roughly every 3 months and awards members with rank advancements, medal achievements and other potential rewards. It is also used as an opportunity to announce important events or discussions within the UFP and allows members at the end of the event to have the floor should they wish to bring any subject forward with the fleet and/or the present members of Starfleet Command.
The UFPAC will also feature a variety of Star Trek related media, found and created by members of the fleet.

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