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Leaving the Community

Leaving us? Learn how to leave the community here.

Please note: Before resigning from the UFP, be sure to consider your possible alternatives! If in any doubt, be sure to approach your Recruit Support Officer, or indeed a member of the Federation Executive Office. We may be able to advise a course of action such as a Leave of Absence which you can submit for up to 9 months. We will always attempt to help our members, never feel resigning is the only option.

If after considering all of your valid alternatives, you still feel that resigning is the right thing to do, then please follow the instructions below.

Becoming a Veteran Member

The Veteran Member usergroup exists in order to recognise long standing members who have actively contributed to the community. Whether you are a Federation Citizen or a Starfleet Officer, anyone is eligible to become a Veteran Member if they meet the following criteria:

a) You have been with the UFPlanets community for a duration of three years or more.


b) You have been with us and active for a duration of two years or more and have served in a voluntary role

If you satisfy the above criteria and wish to put in a request to be classed as a Veteran Member, please fill out the form below. If your request is successful, a thread will be created announcing your veteran status to the entire community. Your position will also be updated to reflect your veteran status on the member roster.


Resigning from the Community

If you are leaving the community but do not satisfy the above criteria then you may simply choose to resign instead. This may be due to irreconcilable differences with any element of the community. As a reward for formally resigning, your member record will remain on file and will be considered should you ever decide to return to the UFP. Once completed, your form will be submitted to a secure forum and your access will be downgraded once your resignation is confirmed.