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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes the UFPlanets different to other gaming clans and communities?

The UFPlanets community (UFP) is a collective of like-minded Star Trek, science fiction and gaming fans. With such a large and loyal group of members, we benefit from a strong sense of direction and the very best candidates in leadership roles throughout the various areas of the community.

Whilst many gaming ‘fleets’ exist across the internet, this community is designed to cater to a wide variety interests. From straightforward gaming, to writing and artwork - most of which relates directly to Star Trek and science fiction. We also have our own volunteer ran news service in the form of the Federation News Service. In short, whilst getting together as friends and playing a variety of games, we also host a great deal of user generated content.

Our members also have a great deal of influence over the direction in which UFPlanets progresses as a community. With a proposal system, all members have a voice, and input is genuinely valued. We use the views of all the membership in conjunction with an experienced team of community leaders to ensure that the UFP is truly the apex experience for fans of Trek. This community focused development leads to a wide variety of new and innovative services and features cropping up across the forums.

Our ability to grow and exceed the expectations of a ‘fleet’ is most noticeably demonstrated in the impressive technological knowledge of several of our leading members. The site is designed and coded by existing leaders of this community, as are several other administrative and social features across the site - perhaps most obvious amongst them being the event system.

What games are currently supported by the UFPlanets community?

Star Trek Online (STO) has the largest support amongst members of the UFP. We support STO through multiple divisions within the community which each focus on a specific faction or goal. We actively support every faction and have multiple ingame fleets. With numerous hosted events and a vast staff and resources, the UFP offers a truly unique experience for players who are interested in STO.

Conversely, UFPlanets also actively supports classic Trek games (such as Star Trek: Bridge Commander and Elite Force) alongside a variety of non-Trek games. Starfleet Holodeck is dedicated to supporting non-Trek gaming, hosting events in games such as Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft.

What types of players does UFPlanets cater to?

The UFP aims to cater for all player types be they casual or hardcore, Player vs Environment (PvE), Player vs Player (PvP) or Roleplay (RP). We organise a range of in-game events across all of the games that we support that are designed to cater to any particular playstyle. Members are also free to organise their own in-game events and will receive support in doing so.

We understand real life commitments come first and our community bends to accommodate this.

What support does UFPlanets offer to its members?

All new members have access to a basic orientation to the community as well as being assigned to a Recruit Support Officer (RSO). The Recruit Support Officer will contact the new member and answer absolutely any questions the member may have. All of this initial contact with the community it handled by Starfleet Academy - the department which cares for new members and their experiences within the community.

We also offer a variety of training and support to members who wish to contribute more to the community. Hands on training can be provided for any of the divisions or departments which make up the UFP. There are also three levels of assessments which give you the necessary information to work towards taking a leadership position at some level within the community.

Another important level of support granted to all UFP members is the Community Support Centre. This includes a general help feature as well as supporting members with any possible gaming or technical issues they may be dealing with. This ensures that all members receive the utmost attention should they suddenly be faced with a problem they cannot resolve themselves.

What are the requirements of being a member?

Members must follow the Code of Conduct. This ensures that all of our members have access to an uninterrupted and enjoyable gaming and social experience. Members are also required to sign Roll Calls, these are conducted once every three months and they allow us to keep a record of who is active. Leave of Absences and Extended Leave of Absences can be arranged if necessary to secure your membership. To go on a Leave of Absence you can submit one on your My UFP page.

Can I be a member of another gaming clan/community/fleet whilst simultaneously being a member of the UFPlanets community?

There are no issues with members holding membership in any other gaming clans or communities. You are absolutely allowed to maintain membership within other communities as long as you do not hold a leadership position (CL5+) within the UFP.

Does the UFPlanets community employ a hierarchical structure?

In short, yes. The UFPlanets community uses a hierarchical structure based upon established Star Trek canon. Although all members are considered to be and are treated as equals, some members will out of necessity be high up the command structure so as to ensure they can adequately see to their respective responsibilities.

What sort of rank structure does the UFPlanets community employ?

The United Federation of Planets uses a rank structure that is based upon established Star Trek canon. There are actually two rank trees, one for Commissioned Officers (such as Ensign and Commander) and one for Non-Commissioned Officers (such as Crewman and Chief Petty Officer).

The Commissioned Officer ranks are for those that wish to serve the community by taking on specific roles and responsibilities. To gain a Commissioned Officer rank a member is required to take specific courses at Starfleet Academy to ensure they have an understanding of, and the necessary skills to contribute to, the day to day running of the community.

The Non-Commissioned ranks are for those that simply wish to be a member of the community without any specific roles or responsibilities besides that of a normal player. These ranks exist for those that would rather spend their time socialising on the forum and playing our supported games instead of getting involved in the day to day running of the community.

All new members start within the Non-Commissioned ranks but may gain a commission at the Starfleet Academy should they wish to at any time. This rank structure allows for members to advance in rank no matter what their focus is.

What is roll call?

Roll Call takes place once every three months and UFP members are required to sign the roll call so that we can track levels of activity. If a member fails to sign two consecutive roll calls then their membership status at the UFPlanets community will be adjusted as necessary and the member in question will have to reapply for full membership status. Members that are on leave are exempt from signing Roll Call for the duration of their leave. This allows members who are unable to be active due to real life issues or commitments to remain within the community.

What voice-over IP (VoIP) software does the UFPlanets community use?

The UFP uses a free VoIP program called TeamSpeak 3. We also host our own TeamSpeak 3 server ( TeamSpeak 3 is not a requirement of UFP membership, however we do encourage members to use it since it does not cost them anything. Members are able to communicate via text if they would rather type than talk (which is a common preference of many members during their first few times on TeamSpeak 3).

I’m a new member! I don’t understand anything!

It is probably best that you take a read through the Community Support Centre and the rest of the website in order to properly understand how we work. We have tried to make things as clear as possible but we understand that there is a lot of information to digest. Fear not; we are here to help.

I’m interested in helping out; how do I do that?

Glad to hear it! We have a page dedicated to discussing volunteering at the UFPlanets community.

I have an idea! How do I propose something?

We have a custom-built, dedicated proposals system for members to submit their ideas and get their feedback. It is visible in the drop-down of the ABOUT page of every page on the community forums. Alternatively, click here.

I’m going away for a bit, do I need to do something?

Yes. You need to let us know so that you can become exempt from our Roll Call period for a fixed period of time. You can do this through my UFP in what is known as Leave of Absence. Click here to go straight to it.

How do I get promoted?

Good question, you can read about our rank system here. The short answer is to volunteer or simply get involved!

Where can I go if I have more questions?

You can always go to our forums and simply ask our members! You can drop a quick question straight into the chatbox or alternatively you can start a thread. Always remember, the Community Support Centre and your Recruit Support Officer will always be available to you.

Not sure we're the right community for you?

You can easily submit a request to leave our community by clicking here. We'll always attempt to help you settle in but we understand that not everyone is comfortable in such a large community.