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Acronym Buster

The Acronym Buster aims to help new members better understand the wide variety of unique terms used in day to day life throughout the community


Clearance Level. A member of the community who volunteers his or her time in some capacity is CL4 clearance level 4. Clearance levels denote the level of access every member of the community has. Learn more about clearance levels here.
Command Position Agreement. This is an official agreement that all members of the UFP leadership must understand and adhere to at all times.
Code of Conduct. The complete set of rules which all UFP members, regardless of position, must follow.
Leave of Absence. When a member struggles to find the time to commit to the community, due most likely to real life commitments, they can request a nonpermanent LoA. This exempts members from signing roll call for a period of up to nine months.
User Control Panel. This is where members control and personalise their own experience whilst on the site. From here you can adjust general settings, appearance and many other features.
Roll Call
A term to describe the activity check which occurs once every three months.
TeamSpeak 3. The UFP operates a well frequented server which remains up 24/7. This enhances coordination for staff and is great for general communications.
The United Federation of Planets. The full name of the UFPlanets community.
The United Federation of Planets Award Ceremony. An important event which is held every three months. Members are granted medals and promotions for their contributions to the community.


Commanding Officer. Any member who is in a leadership role and is looking after a specific area of the community. They hire and direct staff, run projects and strive to continually improve their specific area.
Federation Executive Office. The community administrators of the UFP who monitor all aspects of the community in order to identify potential problems and guide it into the future.
Moderator. Any member who has been trusted with moderation abilities on the forums.
Starfleet Command. This is an area where all leaders of the community collaborate and discuss important matters that are applicable to all.
Executive Officer. Second in command to a specific area of the community. Answerable directly to their CO, the executive officer assists in running a division or department and will also be involved in directing and hiring staff.


Elite Strike Force. Specialist gaming division which is focused on Star Trek Online.
House of Kular. Gaming division which focuses on the Klingon faction in Star Trek Online.
Starfleet Operations. Gaming division which focuses on the Federation faction in Star Trek Online
Starfleet Holodeck. Gaming division which focuses on non-Trek gaming.
Starfleet Tactical. Gaming division which focuses on the classic Star Trek titles and mobile games.
ARES Roleplay Project. Gaming division which focuses on forum-based roleplay.


Federation Administrative Bureau. The primary administrative department which deals with day to day moderation of the forums and graphic work amongst other tasks.
Federation News Service. The UFPlanets news department; FNS churns out a wide variety of high quality sci fi news articles.
Office of External Affairs. The department which deals with all external communications with other gaming or social communities.
Starfleet Academy. This department cares for new members, deals with exam material and ensures a positive member experience is available for all.