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Champions of the sunwell

Holodecks Supported Horde Guild In World of Warcraft

Champions of the Sunwell Logo

Champions of the Sunwell is a casual guild. We host regular events for WoW including running new and old raids, Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons and world quests.

Champions of the Sunwell was created during the Mists of Pandaria as a guild of friends, doing dungeons, LFR, PVP, and transmog runs. It was not until late during the Warlords of Draenor expansion that Holodeck decided to officially support WoW. In Legion, we are hoping to develop on this and start running regular raids alongside new Mythic+ dungeons.

We also have an Alliance guild called Lunarfall, although it’s not as active as our Horde guild and is mainly used for occasional Alliance runs.

Although the UFP is a Star Trek gaming community, many people are here simply to game with like-minded people. Holodeck, our non-Trek gaming division, supports various titles including SWTOR and WoW. If you enjoy playing WoW, and are looking for a knowledgeable and easy going guild that fits around real life, then sign up.

Raid Progress

Emerald Nightmare
7/7 N
7/7 H
0/7 M
Trial of Valor
3/3 N
0/3 H
0/3 M
10/10 N
10/10 H
0/10 M
Tomb of Sargeras
9/9 N
9/9 H
0/9 M
11/11 N
11/11 H
0/11 M
8/8 N
2/8 H
0/8 M

Raid Team

Below is the team we have for raiding, users with RL after their name denotes raid leaders, users with CR after their name denotes cross realm members.

Tank Blood DK - Bettlejuice RL Guard Druid - Arratrum
Healer Holy Priest - Anoram (Noram) Resto Shaman - Otoahhastis (Rattlehead) Holy Paladin - Jerlyx Priest - Aerlissa
Damage Shadow Priest - Dandine (Three of Seven) Beast Hunter - Nic Unholy Death Knight - Jana Retribution Paladin - Thrilathien (Sammygm) RL Arms Warrior - Fluyt (Begotten) RL Retribution Paladin - Aenith Marksman Hunter - Unuwien (Zoidberg) Enhanc Shaman - Ockies Ele Shaman - Taux Frost Mage - Rynara Destro Warlock - Heksedatter Fury Warrior - Otomo Hav Demon Hunter - Therionn