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Star Trek Changelings

A Teamspeak Game about working as a team to rid the ship of changelings

Star Trek Changelings is an exclusive game to the UFP, played on our TeamSpeak 3 server. The game is based on the popular card game Mafia (aka Werewolves), whereby one player acts as the Game Master to moderate the game while all other participants are randomly given a Star Trek role to play.

In Changelings, there are essentially two forces at work. The Romulans, who are aboard their own ship and under assault. The Changeling(s) (1 or more) are onboard the Romulan ship and are wreaking havoc. The Romulans, with their distinct paranoia, must decide who the traitor is amongst the group and eliminate them.

How it Works

Every player is assigned their role randomly by the Game Master and is informed in private on TeamSpeak before the game begins. Every round, the Changelings choose a target to eliminate, before blending back into the crowd. After which all players vote to decide who the Changeling or Changelings are.


Changelings will know each other’s identity if there are more than one aboard, and can confer with each other over which player to eliminate each round. They can only target and kill one player at a time. Once they have picked their target. they informed the Game Master in private who they wish to eliminate.


The Romulans will either be regular crewmen, or in some cases will be assigned a specific ability, but they will have no foreknowledge of anyone else’s identity. After each round of every player (including the Changelings) will publicly cast their vote on whom they believe one of the Changelings is. The unfortunate player who has been suspected of treachery will find themselves on the wrong side of an airlock, or execution by the choice of the Game Master. They will no longer be able to participate until the game is concluded and restarts.

Some Romulan, as aforementioned, will have special abilities to help themselves and their crew, these crew members include: Chief Medical Officer, Ambassador, Tal’Shiar Operative, Commander and Interrogator.

Below are the respective special abilities:

  • Chief Medical Officer: Can poison any player at any time (only once) and can save the life of any player killed by a Changeling (only once).
  • Ambassador: Is able to have their vote on a single player counted as two votes each round.
  • Tal’Shiar Operative: If killed, either by a Changeling or being executed by their fellow crewmates, the operative is able to kill any player before succumbing to death.
  • Commander: The Captain of the ship and most experienced officer; if attacked by a Changeling is able to survive (only one attack).
  • Interrogator: The Interrogator is able to learn the true identity of one player each round. They may share this information with any player, privately during the voting phase. A dangerous choice considering how paranoid Romulans are, will they believe you, or have you chosen the wrong player to confide in?

The above Romulan crew members with special abilities will only be given out to players if there are a sufficient number of players available for the game. Normal Romulan crewmembers will not have any special ability but will have one vote each round who they believe is the Changeling in the group.


When a crewman is killed, either by a Changeling or is voted as the traitor and summarily executed, they must announce their true identity to the group.


The game is won by the Romulans if they discover the identity of the Changelings by killing them. The Changelings win if they are able to eliminate enough Romulans to capture the ship, either when they outnumber or equal the Romulans.

This game can be played with or without a microphone and is a lot of fun. Be sure to join in for any scheduled game sessions, check the forums and the event page!