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Teamspeak Setup Guide

A guide on how to setup Teamspeak for use with the UFP's Teamspeak servers

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This guide will help you download, install and setup your Teamspeak client to work with the UFP's Teamspeak server. This will allow you to communicate with your fellow UFP members in real time.

While behaviour on Teamspeak is more relaxed, the Code of Conduct still applies so we ask members to use common sense in accordance to the rules on Teamspeak.

Should you have any issues following this guide or in setting up your Teamspeak client, please let us know via the Support Centre or by contacting any member of Technical Services.

Step 1

Download and install the Teamspeak 3 client which can be found HERE

Installing Overwolf is optional and not necessary

Step 2

Run the Teamspeak Client and click Bookmarks

Now Click Manage Bookmarks and then Add Bookmark

Step 3

Change the Label to UFP (or whatever you would like your bookmark to be)

Set the Address to

Set the nickname to your UFP username with a UFP tag before it, in the format UFP-Username

Finally, click Apply and OK

Step 4

To connect to the UFP's server, you now only need to click Bookmarks and then UFP (the bookmark you just made)