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Ares Roleplay Project

Ares Roleplay Project

Forum Based Roleplay

The Ares Roleplay Project (ARP) is the UFP's Roleplay Division

ARES Backstory Overview


The year is 2381.

The Dominion War ended more than 5 years ago. Throughout the United Federation of Planets, the rebuilding efforts have mostly been successful. The Romulan Star Empire has, or at least portrays itself to have, repaired most of the damage left in the wake of the events surrounding the Reman uprising. The coup by the human Shinzon, over a year in the past, had effectively beheaded the Romulan Star Empire of its government and left the Romulans in disarray, but that has now seemed to have past. The Romulans and the Federation are currently engaged in negotiations with the purpose of redefining the relationship between these two powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Two of the three largest powers remaining after the Dominion war.

With all this in mind, many feel the time has come for Starfleet to return to its original mission:

" explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before."

And so it has come to pass that Starfleet received permission from, or has been given the order from, the United Federation of Planets, to commission the first of the post war generation of Starfleet vessels for the purpose of long range exploration.

The first of this generation of vessels to take up the exploration mission is now completed and ready to head out. The USS Ares NCC-79116, a recently refitted Sovereign class starship, has docked at DS9 in order to welcome the remainder of its crew onto their new home while taking on relief and engineering supplies destined for delivery to several Cardassian Colony worlds, which are located along its route to the edge of explored space in the Beta Quadrant.

From there it shall officially begin: the Semper Exploro Project as it has been named by Starfleet. The United Federation of Planet's renewed dedication to the peaceful exploration of space, the discovery of new worlds and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before.

Further Information

Built from the old Harriers division, Ares, the Ares Roleplay Project (ARP) is opening a new era in roleplay within the UFP.

Each member who wishes to participate will have to take a position on the USS Ares. All characters will interact in ARP team-provided main missions using a shared thread to conduct that mission, but they will have also ample opportunity to interact each other via self-driven individual/joint characters side plot stories.

The main forum includes:

  • USS Ares crew's logs
  • Mission posts
  • And more

And last but not least, the ARP also contains a Free Story sub-forum where you will be able to freely write your own stories: no era/ship/timeline/universe/format restrictions

So: would you dare to join us, take control of your character and write together the best stories that Star Trek fans has to offer?


The Ares Roleplay Project (ARP) is the UFP's Roleplay Division.

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