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  1. congrats on your graduation and your promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class Congrats
    if you wish to do more courses, don't hesitate to re-apply to the academy!
  2. Hallo and thanks , it's good to be back .
  3. Welcome BACK to the Fleet kostas! it's good to see you, I was your RSO last time, but you got someone different this time around!
  4. Hey bud, why haven't you joined Starfleet Academy yet?
  5. ok , thnx Smile
  6. Events are set by UFP time
  7. Hallo again JCarrillo , it seems that i need your help . I want to join some of the STO events and i want to know what is the timezone the events are set . I havent seen any information about time zone in the event thread (maybe i missed something) . I would appreciate your help on that , i dont want to miss the events because of time difference . Thnx in advance for your time .
  8. Hallo and thnx for the welcome . i have read the info you have sent (usefull stuff) . If something comes up i will contact you , thnx again .
  9. Greetings Crewman Kostas, I have been assigned your RSO. I have sent you some information in your inbox about the fleet. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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