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  2. <3
  3. Happy 24th birthday.
  4. I told you to invest in it! it's a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get the hang of it, it can be really addictive. We should totally play together at some point Smile
  5. I kinda wish I purchased it earlier really, I remember you were talking about it back in October/November! Better late than never I suppose Cool

    Nice comp rank by the way!
  6. I had a feeling you'd enjoy it when you eventually buckled and bought it :p

    All is good with me, I've been throwing myself at Competitive and actually managed to finally break into the top 500 with Mercy being pretty much the only hero played so that's pretty nice.

    Other than that it's pretty much same old same old.

  7. Heh, yep!

    Played a lot today and gained a lot of levels as a result, level 100 at the moment.

    How have you been then?
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    Nice Avatar Wink seems someone finally invested in Overwatch eh
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  10. Happy Birthday!
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