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  1. Sent you the request on the MSN
  2. Kiflin,is the admin officer program.If it is,can I pass it?Thanx
  3. Hyia,when will u announce your XO?Greetings
  4. No problemo,just contact me or send PM when ur availalbe
  5. I would but im at work again Wink I will be off around 4:30 eastern standard time.
  6. Can u login now on windows live?Thanx
  7. Ok,good to know,but just to inform u,my timezone is GMT+1
  8. Hiya sir,could u login into Windws live messenger,i have to talk to u
  9. Greetings Petty Officer 3rd Class Bulgari, I am looking forward to talking with you about how you would like to continue contributing to the Starfleet Academy. Look for the transmission very soon.
  10. Certainly was a surprise to say the least, but there is a heavy responsibility that goes along with the rank. There is alot of work ahead Wink I'm sure you will do a wonderful job as an Ambassador!!
  11. Well,my friend,it hasnt been a long time since you joined this community and yet already you are the Captain and XO.I want to say that time here doesnt count,cause you worked very hard and i think you earned it!!!Congratulations!!!lol
  12. Thanx,me too,homie!!!lol
  13. Congratz on becoming a Junior Ambassador, look forward to working with you Wink
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