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  1. Alan, Thanks so much bro for all the help today! You really helped me get into STO especially because I had never played an MMORPG before! Your kindness, assistance and helpfulness today was monumental and a role model for everyone in the fleet.
    Thank you!
  2. Hey Buddy! I get my computer tommorrow! I should be on STO by mid-day early afternoon! If you are on, we should meet up so I can get my n00bness out fast! Big Grin
    Can't wait to rock the galaxy with you and the team! w00t! MONKEY WINS!!
    BTW... Hot Personal Pic! Wink
  3. Hey buddy, so the computer team building my new system ordered the wrong motherboard. They said possibly later on today tommorrow for completion. I want to play SOOOOO badly. I had better get my computer soon, otherwise its the last time I use that company. You enjoying yourself?
  4. WTF!!!! . . . Where are you and your new computer?!? STO has been out for a week now!! Looking forward to getting online with you.
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