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  1. How have you been my friend?
  2. Hey Buddy! I get my computer tommorrow! I should be on STO by mid-day early afternoon! If you are on, we should meet up so I can get my n00bness out fast! Big Grin
    Can't wait to rock the galaxy with you and the team! w00t! MONKEY WINS!!
  3. Looks like you have been keeping very busy Kiflin! Congratulations on the promotion to Rear Admiral! You really have impressed everyone since you first joined us! Congratulations! Big Grin
  4. Always good to see you here Wink
  5. Greetings again KifinVisk't! Its a pleasure to see you again! Thank you for all your help with the StarTrek Online Divisions transfer of files/posts. Cant wait to start zooming around the galaxy in STO! Big Grin
  6. Greetings ClearyMonkey!!
    Always great to have you here with us, when you can come back we will be ready...
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