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  1. I just got off and I'm heading off for the night, catch me ingame or on MSN tommorrow?
  2. Hey Jenson will you be getting on STO tonight? If so I want to talk with you on TS.
  3. once again, I may be a few minutes late to the meeting as I have dinner at 5, but I will try to be as close to 5:25 as possible Smile
  4. Actually the Core Exam will be coming online very soon, after which we will add all Admin Courses.
  5. Is there any update on the progress of moving the academy to the new softwere?
  6. Great job Jenson on your creation of the SFA Faculty list! We will be adding 3 more members soon, so you will also get to update it Wink
  7. I may be a few minutes late to the meeting as that's our dinner time, but I will do my best to be there ASAP.
  8. Alright, a bit busy though Sad You?
  9. Greetings Jenson, how have you been?
  10. Jenson, I have some time now to work on your request, it will be completed today.
  11. Did you recieve my last PM requesting the creation of that course in the academy softwere? I can't start putting the course up until it's been created Sad
  12. Added Klaw to your Away-team upon your request.
  13. Roger, thanks
  14. Am I correct in assuming the gameing course is the same as Intro to Game Mechanics, or is this a more advanced form?
  15. Will do ^_^
  16. Just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed our discussion on the Science Directorate, feel free to debate with me anytime Wink
  17. Thank you for the words of encouragement Commodore Jenson. I am very humbled Wink
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