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  1. No problem Wink
  2. I'll be sending in a signature request soon Eagles!

    Going to be updating my character image too Tongue Out
  3. Just saw your posts ! It passed $500,000 ! Awesome Big Grin
  4. It's at $497,045 at the moment dude! Big Grin
  5. We've been in FNS for a week!
  6. Awesome !

    (200$ for cookies... O_O )
  7. Have you checked the amount raised for the documentary lately? I was sceptical about hitting 350k but honestly, if it continues how it's going at the moment we'll hit 500k easily.

    Also, $200 for a batch of Terry Farrells cookies? Pretty steep.. :/
  8. See you then! Tongue Out

    It's 3:35 in the morning at the moment so I definitely won't be on TS until 2-3pm.
  9. Thanks ! I'll show it to you tomorrow Wink
  10. Now that is a pretty avatar, gotta show me the full render in HD later Tongue Out
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