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  1. Thanks Jordan Smile
  2. Congrats Commodore
  3. Sounds like a plan Smile
  4. Friday at 6?
  5. Hey that's alright, I had to get dinner made so I wasn't really about after that. Are you free at all during the week? I've got Mon-Fri off this week
  6. I misread the event time, still around for a game?
  7. KM as well?
  8. Absolutely
  9. You free Saturday the 12th for some BC?
  10. I'm pretty sure I have next Saturday off, my days off alternate a bit right now. Last I checked I also have 4 days off at Xmas itself
  11. Hey, what's your upcoming weekends like? Are you around on any or over the Christmas period? I'd love to get in some Bridge Commander
  12. Haha thanks Jordan Smile
  13. Happy birthday old man
  14. Don't make me come to your office and make you Tongue Out
  15. Nevahhhhh!
  16. You still need to update your sig Tongue Out
  17. Cheers Smile I was surprised to get them ^_^
  18. Thank you, and congrats on the haul of medals!
  19. Congrats on the promotion Admiral Jordan Smile
  20. If I’m on team speak at those times just give me a nudge and we’ll setup a game
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