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  1. Thank you my friend, imma sure it will pass soon but you must keep drinking water and hopefully it will pass soon. See you in game.
  2. Alas I did get hit with it, felt weird that night and was laid up most of the next day with flu type symptoms but I was fine the following day, now it's 8 weeks until the second dose. To answer the other question, the next roll call is in June and it's every 3 months after that.
  3. Well as I said, just felt very tired for a few weeks "same as my mother", hopefully be getting the second one soon. My dad had no effects what so ever, brother was sick as hell, so it vairies I think. Just drink plenty of water like they tell you to and you should be fine Smile Dude do you know when the next roll call will be?
  4. Cheera, got it done now so I'll wait and see what happens in the days ahead.
  5. Dude got mine on the first, just gave a major headake the first night and felt soo tired and thirsty for a few days, dad amd mum have had both now so that's good. Hope you don't feel bad like my brother did.
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