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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Nice to see you back around.
  3. Happy birthday mate Smile
  4. Thanks Big Grin
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. thanks for the b day wish i just noticed i had a msg on my wall lol silly me i dnt cheak the right hand screen no more , thanks again mate hope you settled into ur new job Smile
  7. Happy Birthday mate!
  8. and also why does a ? apper next to my msgs lol
  9. i dnt mean to sound like newbie ( which i am ) but i wanna spent lots of time in this role playing but not alot ppl are here on the server i just wanna get to grips with it and gain exp so i get promoted
  10. Appologies for the late response. What can I do for you?
  11. sir can i have sum advise please
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