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  1. Special appreciation should go out to Ensign Flicky who I don't know at all but helped me with this and to your signature team too of course.

    Ensign Tim Jerrom
  2. I'm really pleased to hear you're happy with your signature, the team who spend their time putting them together really deserve a lot of credit for the effort and professionalism they put in. I'm sure I speak for all members of UFP and not just the administration staff in saying whatever donation you'd like to make to the UFP to keep us up and running would be very greatly appreciated by all.
    Thank you Ensign Jerrom.

    Fleet Admiral Hathaway
  3. Admiral Hathaway,

    I may not be following the right procedure in talking to you directly but I don't know who else to say this too. Ive just got my fleet signature made for me and im VERY happy with it so if its £80 per month for donations to keep your web page up and running, next month's on me. Just let me know when you want and its yours (after Friday)

    Ensign Jerrom.
  4. Hello Tim. Roll call opens at the start of the month and emails are sent to every member explaining where to go. A Roll Call button will also appear at the top of the forum next to 'UPDATES' once it's open.
  5. When I have to sign the monthly roll call how do I di it?
  6. How do I gain rank here? TimJ.
  7. No problem, any issues let me know.
  8. Sorta Admiral sir, well im trying to send items to my alt Jerrom. Will get to filling out that form Smile
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