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  1. Happy Birthday bud
  2. Happy Birthday Adam
  3. Let me know what you think of the demo.
  4. Feel free!
  5. That's awesome Adster! I knew it could work!
    Thank you for having faith in me to find a way to get it working, but we need more testers to have this working.

    Also May I use your SFT Logo for the Guide?
  6. I used the method within the thread, but that was simply install game then two patches - it could be the resolution on the Mac, as even the Windows 10 on my Mac has a very high resolution. I will try on my computer today!
  7. When you tried installing armada 1 for win10, did you try your own previous methods that you had mentioned didn't work, or have you tried using some of the methods I linked in the troubleshooting section?

    I ask because so far everyone (going on 4 people) has been successful.
  8. Grats on your promotion once again! [CL5]
  9. Hey bud thanks for the vote, I appreciate the opinion!
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