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  1. Fair"Your Fired" is a running joke..While in STO some people make bone head mistakes. A lot of mistakes I see and get mad at are on STF runs. So, instead of yelling at them for there mistakes. I just say, "Your Fired". Just all in fun. I know you come on. So , no worries. Its all cool.Tongue Out
  2. Yeah you're right I suppose.

    Of course that is if you ignore the fact that I log in every night for at least an hour and was present for the 10th Anniversary launch celebration, photoshoots and PvP (don't recall seeing you there btw Tongue Out). I guess this firing is well deserved, I humbly withdraw...

    *bows and slowly backs out of the room*
  3. For not showing up of late and playing STO, so...183184 1870549770276 1437084374 32158460 1807132 n 1
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