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  1. Thank you and congratulations to you too! Appreciate your efforts with your busy schedule. Cool
  2. Congrats Boss, well earned for sure Smile
  3. Thank you! Cool
  4. Congrats on your medals Michael Thumbs up
  5. Thanks Michael Smile
  6. w00t w00t, congratulations Captain! Live Long and Prosper
  7. Haha Discord has security Tongue Out
  8. Nah I like security, ya'll need to be on TS Tongue Out Wink
  9. You so need to join us on Discord
  10. Cheers Michael Smile
  11. W00t w00t, great job Commander! Cool
  12. Hahaha thanks Michael, and to be fair a good portion is probably spam Tongue Out
  13. Congrats on reaching 1000 spams (oh I meant posts Tongue Out)!
  14. Thanks Michael Smile
  15. Welcome to the Holodeck team! Cool
  16. Ohh wow thanks ^_^
  17. Congrats on full Lt Commander! Congrats
  18. I'm around for gaming on Wed, Fri & Sat. Our guild is on the Darth Malgus server and that's where all my characters are. Cool
  19. Hey Boss, fancy helping a low level guy on TOR potentially tomorrow. Not sure which server I'm on these days though
  20. Nothing haha, never said there was Tongue Out
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