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  1. Could you head on TS for a sec? Smile
  2. Thank you Grim! Big Grin Hope all is well?
  3. Congrats Sir on becoming CO of IA!! Good Luck and serve the fleet well!! Wink
  4. Looking pretty good with your Risa sig there Big Grin
  5. no I'm getting off to play halo reach's beta but call me and I will talk to you this way. Good luck my friend in your future {UFP} career!!
  6. Sure I am off to dinner for the next 15 mins or so can you log on to TS then? Smile
  7. I need to talk in TS to you one more time, can you just for a few minutes?
  8. Please join me and Kiflin on TS asap. Thanks
  9. Yes Mikester my Christmas was great
  10. Thanks Grim! I actually had a great Christmas! How was yours? Smile
  11. Greetings Commander, Hope you had a good Christmas.
  12. Please check out the Starfleet Academy Staff Group message board ASAP
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