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  1. Oh I'm sure!
  2. Thanks! It was a very hard exam to take.
  3. Congratulations on passing Wink
  4. SP9Pu
  5. tumblr ligdgkWk7D1qzhsb7
  6. 👀
  7. Bleep bloop
  8. Happy Birthday Jordan!
  9. Happy birthday bud Smile
  10. With added sparklez
  11. Eyy, bringing back the christmas theme, good lad Jordan.
  12. Thanks Smile
  13. Happy birthday! Big Grin
  14. How are things going mate?
  15. I felt like a change! Wink
  16. You've changed your avatar?

    Jordan, I'm going to need some time to mourn the loss of your previous avatar. The doggo will always be in our hearts.
  17. Whoops! I should disable that for videos.
  18. Aah, tricked!

    I thought I had an article to edit looking from the Notifications, turns out it was just you Tongue Out

    I forgive you <3
  19. Jordan, buddy!

    How goes the mobile website stuff you're working on? Wink
  20. Check out those fancy sliders!
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